Become a first level programmer, these websites give you what you need

Largely thanks to the internet and all the sources of knowledge it provides us, the programming sector continues to grow. What we mean by this is that more and more users want to become successful programmers despite the fact that it is not an easy task, at least a priori.

And we talk about the internet because here we can find a huge number of sources of inspiration and knowledge for this type of task. In this way, whether we have basic knowledge or are novices, to learn to program here we find courses, books, forums, and all kinds of resources. In addition, we have at our fingertips various web pages especially focused on providing us with everything we need to become expert programmers.

Not only that, but also many of these sources that we mention can be used in a totally free, which will always be appreciated. Precisely below we will talk about a series of websites that offer you everything you need to start or become a first-level programmer. Next, we are going to show you some of the proposals of this type in the form of websites which you can access to become better programmers.

bit degree programmer

Code Academy

This is one of the most popular websites for programmers and also free of charge. In fact, more than 20 million people have used this platform that offers us courses for both new and experienced users. To his credit we find more than 300 millions of hours of content of which we can make use of to enter or experiment in this sector of software so interesting.


On the other hand, we find this other website for programmers that puts at your disposal a huge number of courses. These refer to the development of both applications and games and reach all types of users. One of the main advantages that we find here is that we can find content in the form of courses based on the language that we want. At the same time, it offers us content related to the main current programming languages.

One of the main objectives of the content that we find on this programming website is that users with certain knowledge can expand on it and improve their programming skills. Here we will have all kinds of content both to enter sporadically and to follow a series of topics. Everything will depend on the rush we have or the desire to become great programmers.


This is another of the best-known platforms to learn to program and train in this software sector. Actually, we find ourselves with a web portal that puts our disposal thousands of courses both free and paid and in which we can take advantage of a multitude of offers that appear over time. In addition, from this website we can specialize in the development of applications, web platforms, games, mobile apps and much more.

Free Code Camp

In this case, the proposal we are talking about wants to focus over time on creating a social network focused on the world of programming. In this way, software developers will be able to form a community in which to exchange opinions and share projects or challenges. In addition, the programming languages ​​to be treated here will be practically of any type, including the most current ones. This will be very helpful for beginners thanks to the different forums available.

The Odin Project

Here what we try to offer users who visit this web page is an original method of study to learn to program in a more effective way. They start from the basis that becoming a programmer with enough knowledge to work on it is somewhat complicated. Therefore, this web page presents us with a logical process with a multitude of educational sources to help us in this type of task. In addition, all this covers a multitude of programming languages, both veteran and more modern.

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