If you have made a mistake when making the Income statement, so you can correct it without fines

However, we must know that the drafts that are sent to us they are not perfect, so we must carefully check that all the data is really consistent with reality and that it coincides with the documentation of our accounts and bank statements. If, once sent, we have the misfortune to realize that we have made a mistake, the normal thing would be to wait until the Treasury does not notice.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and if you do not realize this this year, you will do so in the coming years, so that, in the end, we may be subject to a large fine both for submitting the incomplete return and for having passed the corresponding deadline to modify it before finalizing it. the term.

How to modify the income statement already filed

The first thing we must do is access the official page of the Treasury where we have presented our declaration or have confirmed the draft that they had sent us. Next, click on Draft/declaration processing service (Renta WEB).

Next, we select the identification method that we use to identify ourselves electronically in official organizations. Yes, still we do not use of the electronic certificate, DNI-e or Cl@ve system we can use our DNI together with the date of validity. Next, we click on get reference and we introduce the value shown in box 505 of the income that we presented the previous year. Next, a reference number will be displayed that we will have to enter to access our tax data.

Income Reference

Once we have accessed our account with the Treasury, the file number assigned to our declaration and the state in which it is located will be shown at the top. If the Processing status section shows processingwe still have the opportunity to make the modifications that we consider necessary so as not to have problems with the Treasury.

To modify the income statement that we have presented, let us remember once again that we can only do it if they are still pending, we go to the section Available services. Within this section, there are different options that are different from those that were shown when we presented it.

Instead of showing the option Draft / Declaration (Renta WEB) the option will be shown instead Modify the statement. By clicking on this option, the same form that we used the first time to present it will be displayed, so it will only be necessary to make the changes that we consider and process the rent again.

We must take into account that, when modifying the rent, we are going to extend the period that the Treasury has to review and correctly validate the declaration, so there is the possibility that until the end of June it will not be in compliance and give us our money back that we have overpaid throughout the year. If after modifying the rent, it comes to us to pay more money, during the process, the web will allow us to print a complementary model to pay the difference.

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