In these cases it is better that you retire your router and buy a new one

When to change the home router

The normal thing is that you decide change the router when you notice that something is not going well or you have certain limitations. This especially happens in some cases like the ones we are going to describe. It may be advisable to change the device if you use an old model or see that it works worse than before.

You see the speed is very limited

A clear example is when you see that speed is very limited. You hire high-speed fiber optics, do a test and see that what you get is much less. Perhaps it is not double band or the maximum speed that it allows is less than the one you have contracted and becomes a bottleneck.

It could also happen, in an extreme case, that old router does not have Gigabit Ethernet ports and you are limited to a maximum of 100 Mbps of wired speed. It is not normal today, but if it is a very old model it could happen. In that case, in order to be able to take advantage of the contracted rate, you would have to buy a new router.

The signal does not arrive well

Of course we must also mention the sign. If you see that the Wi-Fi does not reach well, that you cannot connect from different areas of the house, a possible solution is to purchase a new router that has greater coverage.

Keep in mind that sometimes even with the latest model you may have coverage problems. Everything will depend on where you connect, possible interferences and obstacles. Sometimes you will have to use PLC devices and other devices to have better coverage.

Avoid putting near PLC devices

It is an outdated model and has security problems

One more case is when you have an old model and it has remained obsolete, but also has some known vulnerability. That could allow an attacker to exploit that flaw and break into the network or otherwise compromise security. That could result in you going offline, for example.

In this case it would also be a good idea to buy another more modern router, which also does not have any security problems. You will get everything to work correctly and you will not have problems.

Do you need more ports or that they are Gigabit Ethernet

There are router models that have only 1 or 2 ports, as well as others that may have more but only 1 is Gigabit. If you need to connect more wired devices and want them to have gigabit ethernet To get the most out of fiber optics, you might consider retiring your router and buying a newer one.

Although today it is common to connect devices via Wi-Fi, the cable is still widely used. For example to connect a television, a computer or even a repeater that you are going to place in another area of ​​the house.

Do you want to take advantage of current technology?

One more reason is having bought a device that has latest protocols and technologies. For example, a computer or mobile that is compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and you want to make the most of it. You will need a router that is capable of using these protocols.

Therefore, buying a new appliance can be useful. You could improve the speed and stability with your new mobile or computer that you have bought. Also other protocols like WPA-3, for example.

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