If you plan to change Windows to Chrome OS, we help you decide

Most of you already know that Windows 10 is by far the most used system on desktops around the world. But that does not mean that everyone agrees with the use of this proposal. In fact, there are millions of users who opt for other alternatives such as some of the many Linux distributions available. Also thanks to the fact that these distros are becoming easier to use, users now tend to try them more frequently.

On the other hand, the giant Google has also wanted to enter this sector of operating systems after its success on mobile phones. No one doubts that Android It is the benchmark in mobile devices, so a few years ago the search giant also wanted to enter the world of systems for laptops. Here we find the alternative called Chrome OS, a proposal not too well known but with many interesting points.

In fact, below we are going to talk about some of the reasons why you might be interested in installing Chrome OS instead of Windows 10 in your new laptop.

It is a free operating system

The first point to which we must draw attention here is that we are facing a free operating system, contrary to what happens with Windows 10. Therefore, this translates into significant financial savings when starting to work with our new laptop.

In particular the savings but has the manufacturer of the laptop that we plan to acquire. It’s easy to guess that this translates into a economic benefit for us users since that ChromeBook will be cheaper than a laptop with Windows 10. All this regardless of the cost of the hardware of each of the computers.

Chrome OS consumes less PC resources

To all this we have to add that this is an operating system that consumes much less computer resources than the Microsoft system does. With this, what we want to tell you is that we will have the opportunity to buy or install this software on a more affordable or limited hardware laptop.

Say this software It was developed so that we could carry out all the basic tasks that we perform with a PC, without complications and in a fluid way. Hence, it has become a very interesting proposal both in the education sector and in some professionals. In the same way, it can delight end users who do not want to complicate too much with their computer.

It is designed to work in the cloud and use Android apps

As is usual in most of the operating systemsTo work with Chrome OS we will need a personal user account. In fact, this is especially important in this case in large part because this operating system intends to base a good part of its operation in the cloud. That means that we can use our laptop with Chrome OS in a conventional way, and then start working with another computer, enter our credentials, and continue working where we left off.

In the same way, surely many of you find it highly interesting to know that from this operating system we can run Android applications.

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