Why do we fear the layout of the main Excel interface so much?

For those of you who do not know very well what we are talking about, we will tell you that Excel is the spreadsheet program in the suite Office the software giant. As it is easy to imagine, it focuses on dealing with numerical data, although it admits a large number of additional types of content. Among these we can highlight the texts, tables, functions and formulas, graphics, images, etc. All this will be of enormous help to us when it comes to enriching the projects that we carry out here as much as possible.

In addition, all these contents will serve us both to carry out basic accounts, and to keep the accounting of an entire company. In the same way, this is a program that offers us the opportunity to design calendars, organization, to-do lists, forms, and everything we can imagine.

However, it is more than likely that one of the first things that catches our attention when we get to work with Excel, is its user interface. There is no doubt that for those of you who are not used to this type of program, it will impact you greatly. And it is that it probably has nothing to do if we compare it with other work desks that we find in programs with other types of use. In fact, there are users who have signed that the first impression before the interface of Excel it’s even scary.

We face thousands and thousands of cells

The main reason for this is that, instead of finding ourselves with a blank desktop, which is usually the usual thing in software, here the difference is evident. At first we will first find a desk completely full of cells that seem endless. That impression can lead us to wonder how to start working with this program, and if we add to that that we are going to deal with numbers, the impression is greater.

These cells are a common component and more than well known in programs focused on spreadsheets, not only in this proposal of Microsoft. In fact, there are users who, the first time they face this program, find me some blank space to start working, without success.

These individual items are the best option in Excel

Keep in mind that each of these cells is placed there so that we can enter all kinds of data. Be it texts, numbers, formulas, dates, headings or any other content that we will need in our spreadsheet. But if we focus on the treatment with numbers, we will immediately realize that these, which at first caused us so much fear, are the most valid option when it comes to to work with these items in the program.

And it is that the cells allow us to place and order these specific contents in the best way to create projects that are functionally valid and at the same time comprehensible and visual.

Sheet cells are fully customizable

What perhaps at first we do not think referring to these cells that fill the Excel interface, is that they have a individual operation. This means that we can deal with each of these thousands of elements completely independently of each other. This is extremely important when working with this program, especially if we take into account that each of these elements is extremely customizable.

Among many other things we have the possibility to specify its type of content, size, justification, borders, sources, background, format, etc. As you can imagine, this allows us, with a little patience, to design spreadsheets as professional as possible.

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