If you use Windows 11, you will now be more protected from ransomware

The ransomware It is one of the most worrying security problems today. It is a very dangerous type of malware as it is capable of encrypting all system files. The cybercriminals’ strategy is to then ask for a financial ransom to release those files. However, security measures have been greatly improved to deal with this problem. Also, if you use Windows 11 from now on you will be more protected. We explain why.

Windows 11 improves against ransomware

Microsoft has released some improvements for your antivirus that comes built into Windows 11. These changes include important improvements to prevent ransomware in Microsoft Defender Endpoint. It is able to better identify and intercept ransomware so that it does not end up entering the system.

In recent years microsoft defender It has become a very complete antivirus and a good option to be protected on the network. A clear proof is that it constantly receives updates and improvements to adapt to the most current types of attacks that can compromise security. Ransomware is one of them and it is necessary to know how to deal with the new techniques that they can use.

Keep in mind that in this case it is an improvement that they have presented in the Beta channel, but that little by little it will reach more users. Although Microsoft has not detailed much more about what improvements they have implemented, they do ensure that their mission is to make devices more protected against ransomware.

They have also included some updates and improvements, one more proof that we must always have everything updated and thus be able to opt for the latest improvements that have been introduced. It is important to always have the latest version of the software, but even more so when it comes to security tools.

Only an antivirus can not with ransomware

Although Windows antivirus is constantly improving against ransomware, keep in mind that an antivirus by itself will not prevent attacks of this type. It is necessary to take into account other measures to avoid ransomware attacks. The objective is to ensure that the systems are correctly protected and not to make mistakes.

Something fundamental to avoid ransomware is the common sense. In most cases, hackers are going to need us to make a mistake. For example, that we open an attached file that comes to us by email, that we click on a link and install a program, etc. Avoid these kinds of mistakes. Only install applications from official sources, be careful with any e-mail you receive and pay attention when using social networks too.

In addition, another fundamental tip to avoid ransomware beyond having a good antivirus is to keep the updated system. In many cases, hackers will exploit flaws that may exist. Therefore, always install the latest versions and thus correct any vulnerability that may appear.

In short, as you can see, ransomware is a major problem. Microsoft has once again improved its antivirus to be prepared for this danger, but you should also keep in mind the importance of common sense and not making mistakes, as well as keeping everything updated correctly.

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