If your iPhone is in danger, activate this option as soon as possible

If you suspect that your personal data may be in the wrong hands, the iPhone provides a setting that allows you to reset who has been able to access your information, revoke access and permissions, as well as emergency contacts. so sIf you believe that your personal information may have been compromised, this tool will be of great help to you.

The iPhone and the security check

The iPhone allows us to know at all times with which applications, devices and people we share data. And it also allows us to select what data we want to share, and what data is stored on our phone. However, over time, we may no longer use certain devices, or we may have lost contact with certain people we previously trusted, and who we had given access to share certain information.

This action is called Security Check, and allows full reset emergency contacts, access to all people and applications to our information and leave this section as default. Shared calendars, events, photo libraries, and other settings will no longer be shared with third parties immediately.

For this, we have to go to Settings > Privacy and security > Privacy check. Here we are going to find two options: Emergency reset and Manage access and shared data. The first of them does a reset of all data, and deletes all contacts at once, with whom we have shared information from our phone. In addition, we will be asked to make a password change in our Apple ID and it will revoke all the permissions we have given to the applications, whatever the permission, and whatever the app.

On the other hand, Manage access and shared data allows you to individually select which applications or people can continue to have access to certain data and certain information. In this section, depending on what we have configured, we will see more or fewer options to eliminate or restrict.

It is a very good way to secure our information, especially if we believe that we may have been the victim of a scam, theft, a malicious application, or if the Apple ID of someone with whom we have shared information has been attacked. In the same way, if we had trusted people assigned to certain data, and we want to stop sharing that information, we can activate this option.

iOS Isolation Mode is even more extreme

If we believe that our iPhone and our data may be in serious danger, there is a function called Isolation Mode, which allows restrict all activities on iphone: sending messages, operating apps, browsing the internet and others. This option can only be activated individually on each device, since it is a total isolation of our iPhone. This function is designed so that if we have suffered a cyber attack or we believe that very important data has been leaked, the iPhone will be shielded in its communications to the outside.

isolation mode ios

To activate this Isolation Mode, we have to go back to Settings > Privacy and security > Isolation mode. By default, this is disabled. To activate it, we have to enter the option and press the Activate isolation mode button. We will see an information box explaining all the services that will be affected, and again click on the Activate button.

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