If you’re a Sonic fan, you’re going to want these sneakers (if they fit)

Sonic 2 is already in theaters and, hopefully, have better luck than the first installment that the poor thing had to face a pandemic just a week after its premiere, although this time it seems that nothing exceptional will happen (you never know). The fact is that if you consider yourself an unconditional fan of the fastest porcupine in the world of video games, you will soon have the opportunity to look a little more like that Sega hero that we all have inside.

Do you want to run like Sonic?

The products derived from the movies are something that we have had to deal with for many years, so coming now to announce that some sneakers inspired by the protagonist of the film have just been launched.and Sonic 2 It shouldn’t be something exceptional. But it is, because of the transcendence of the character and the object that, in this case, Fila wants to pay homage to. And they haven’t had a better idea than take the design of the mythical Sonic shoes and transform them into a real model that we can use on the street.

These are the Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2, a model that stands out for its simplicity but also for its enormous resemblance with which the blue porcupine shows practically from its beginnings on consoles in that summer of 1991. More than 31 years ago. As you can see from the photos, it is a very basic, modern model, and it stands out for that bright red color and that characteristic white band that crosses it from top to bottom. surely they are something cantosas to take them to work, but when it comes to going out there they have no rival.

Of course, if you are wanting to get one of these Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2 you are going to have to run a lot to see if they replace them, or bid on those websites where some lucky ones who have managed to get hold of some sell them, because after a few hours of putting them on sale, coinciding with the premiere of the film in cinemas, the first consignment has flown. We hope that Fila will see fit to upload more units to its online store with which to satisfy the demand for this model. In the event that you are lucky to buy some, their price is about 115 dollars, which in exchange means (without transport or customs) about 105 euros.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles now in theaters

Remember that you already have the second installment of Sonic in theaters with a story that brings together the old band of video games. Not only the protagonist and his colleagues, as is the case with the great Tails, but also that Knuckles who made things complicated for him in the cartridges. We will not reveal key moments of the film but if you are a fan of the original games you will have a great time with the continuous references, settings and characters that it includes. Oh, and finally, as became clear at the end of the first film, Dr. Robotnik is already Dr. Robotnik, with that mustache, his suit and that round flying saucer in which he flies from one place to another.

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