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Sometimes a call to the emergency services at the right time can save our lives and this is precisely what they show in the latest Apple announcement in which the Apple Watch is the protagonist. Be a video or ad showing actual calls to emergency services in the United States, real calls to 911.

It is true that having an Apple Watch can mark a key moment in your life and it is also true that not all of them end with as good an ending as they show in this case. Be that as it may The important thing in these cases is the speed in which you receive the help, the calm that you can maintain in the situation and above all have the luck of the face before any eventuality of this type.

This is the Apple announcement in which the Apple Watch Series 7 is the protagonist to rescue people in distress after calling 911 which is the emergency number in the United States:

In the announcement we can read that these three life stories in which they show the luck of having an Apple Watch at this time ended with a happy ending. «Jason, Jim and Amanda were rescued minutes later thanks to the help of the Apple Watch«. This is possible thanks to have the iPhone near the clock with which you can make these emergency calls or directly with the model that adds e-SIM.

Of course, having the clock with these eSIM cards integrated and its contracted plan can help you in a moment of trouble, but not all users have these clocks and that is why it is necessary to have the iPhone nearby to make these calls. When you make a call with SOS Emergency, Apple Watch will automatically call the local emergency number and share your location with these services.

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