Impact by Covid-19: EU provides support to heal crisis

The coronavirus pandemic It has caused many problems, both social and economic, among them, more than a million children around the world have lost their parents during this health crisis; being the American continent the most affected, he expressed for The Herald of Mexico Dita Charanzov√°, vice president of the European Parliament.

“As a mother and as an MEP, I am very committed to the rights of the child. The problem is very pressing, and in my opinion, I think it has not been given enough attention, because the figures are alarming,” she added.

The person in charge of European Parliament for Latin America considered important that governments ensure that these families have access to the necessary resources, such as social protection and health services, that is why the European Union (EU) Since 2020, it has disbursed 34 billion euros in support of partner countries to deal with the pandemic and its consequences, but assured that more can be done to counteract this situation.

“The pandemic and the economic recession has caused a lot of suffering, a lot of problems, but we have to move forward and create a better future, it is not only the role of politicians, but of all citizens, to raise their voices and participate, including our future generations in these
debates, “he said Charanzov√°.

On the other hand, the deputy mentioned that international coordination is needed on the issue of climate crisis, as he considered, nothing significant has been done since the Paris AgreementHowever, he applauded that USA you are changing your tactics in your environmental policy.

“On Europe we are the most ambitious when it comes to climate goals. However, we need our partners in the world to follow us so that our efforts are not useless, we will not be able to face the increase in global temperature alone, “he explained.

On how countries can work together and on the urgent actions they must take, he asserted: “Scientists have long warned of the consequences of climate change and politicians have been slow to react, now it is a priority of the EU, and almost all of our policies are linked in one way or another to the green transition and our ecological goals, and it is very important that this transformation is fair for all inhabitants. “

What’s more, Charanzov√° she said worried about what happens in countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua -The latter will have general elections on November 7th.

The deputy indicated that the EU It seeks to support democratic forces and cannot close its eyes to human rights violations, which is why it has to help those nations on their path to democracy.

“Cases like Cuba or Nicaragua, with whom we share an agreement, we have an even greater position of strength in the economic sphere, since in theory the suspension of bilateral agreements could be considered, this would lead to the loss of the important commercial benefits that they enjoy thanks to the agreements in force with the European Union, and it is time to take this step, “he said.

With VenezuelaHe reported that they do not have these agreements, so the option they have left is to extend the selective sanctions, convictions or suspensions that send a firm and clear message.

“The European Union It will not tolerate human rights violations, because our objective is to improve people’s lives, and to have a policy of sanctions against one country, just as the option of taking other ones will not be ruled out.



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