Improve the quality of your FaceTime calls on iPhone

If you often use the FaceTime application on iPhone, you may be interested in knowing how you can improve the quality of these calls. There really isn’t a secret method to improve them, but if you put together several tricks already known for other cases, you’ll be able to make your calls of the best possible quality.

Tips to always keep in mind

As you probably already know, and as a fundamental difference with classic voice calls, FaceTime requires an internet connection. The most advisable thing would be to connect directly to a router, but since it is not possible on the iPhone (or at least not easily) you will have to use WiFi.

Well, to avoid interference, blurred image and the like, it is advisable that you navigate to the higher Wi-Fi speed possible. For this you must be close to the main router and make sure that there are no other devices connected at that time that may be collapsing the network.


At some point, if this connection were bad, you could even try connect with mobile data. There are times when, surprisingly enough, higher speeds are obtained. Of course, do it with caution if you do not have a broad or unlimited data plan, since FaceTime consumes a lot of data and you could use up your data.

Take advantage of the functions of the app

Another aspect with which FaceTime video calls are greatly improved is with the application’s own effects introduced in iOS 15. Effects such as background blur that will give you a more professional image and will allow you to be in the focus of the image of your interlocutors.

Although if there is one of these functions that considerably improves the quality, it is that of microphone noise cancellation. If you slide the control center during the call you will find this option and you will be surprised to see how well it works and how clearly others will hear you, even if you are in a very noisy environment.

facetime noise cancellation

Are there accessories with which to improve it?

Depending on the type of video calls you make through FaceTime, it will be more or less necessary to reach this point. And it is that if it is for simple conversations with friends, it may not be worth it, but if you use it in a more professional environment or simply want to get out well, period, there are certain accessories that will come in handy.

The iPhone’s microphone is fine and is sufficient in most cases, but if you want to go a step further you can use the Lightning microphones, which will give you better quality. The same happens with the headphones, which are extremely interesting so as not to disturb anyone else and listen more clearly to your interlocutors. And if you also want to go a step further in image quality, there are LED rings that will give you a perfect light on your face to see you well lit and with quality.

iphone led rings

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