In which stores can you buy Ozone products in Spain?

Since it was presented at Computex 2009 in Taipei, the Spanish brand Ozone has been very present in our peripherals market and we have been seeing how it has grown as a brand, as well as in product quality. Currently, its family of products includes everything from mice to HDR LED monitors. We tell you more about Ozone and where we can buy its products in Spain.

One of the possible keys to the growth and reception of Ozone in Spain since its launch was an attractive product clearly oriented to the growing gaming fervor in the country, together with strong -and very successful- marketing and, above all, learning from its mistakes while they listened to the customer community.

Where to buy Ozone products in Spain?

The distribution is undoubtedly one of the best things that the Malaga gaming brand. Thanks to its strategic position and extensive knowledge of the distribution market, Ozone It is easily positioned within the best physical stores and etailers in the market. If you are currently looking for where to buy Ozone both online and in a physical store, the task will be very simple. And here are some stores where you can find, if not everything, surely a large part of the product catalog.

The Official Ozone Store

from his own official website Ozone serves its customers by making shipments to all Spain free (peninsula and Balearic Islands). As expected, it has the entire product catalog and first-hand information, its prices as well as the brand’s own MSRP, in case you want to use it as a reference when buying in other stores. In addition, from it if you have bought a product at any point of sale you can process the guarantee if you wish.

As a detail, the website continues to mark a two-year warranty on its products, when currently three should be offered, we understand that this detail will logically be updated shortly. That said, we go with the main stores where we can buy Ozone products in our country.

amazon spain

Amazon Ozone Gaming
Without a doubt, Amazon had to have one. store” from Ozone Gaming, very complete and with good prices, you can not expect anything else from the Bezos online store. We do not know if it is the official Ozone store, since they do not appear as such on their official website, but without a doubt Amazon, if not, seems to be on the way, so we customers will win in the future.

computer defcon

Defcon Informatica Palma Ozone

We could continue talking about peninsular online stores or large stores, but we will do it with a different store, where they also ship directly to the Balearic Islands. Therefore, we wish to make a special mention to this physical store which was founded as a cyber in 2002 and has been filling hardware for 20 years Palma de Mallorca, Computer Defcon. Not everyone likes to buy online – even if it seems incredible – or prefers to see the product first; Well, if you’re in the city of Palma, Inca or Manacor, you’re in luck and you can visit this official Ozone store.

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