Soon you will be able to synchronize the Windows clipboard with Android

We must know that, the operating system of the Redmond, Windows 10 It comes with its own and integrated Clipboard. This element allows us to cut, copy and paste all kinds of content easily. At the same time and for some versions of Windows, we have the possibility to use this Clipboard in the cloud. It is evident that this allows us to copy and paste content between different devices with the same user account. In addition, it allows us to store a history of the elements that we have cut or copied over time from the different devices.

News coming to the Clipboard

It must be said that, in order to access this specific function, we have the possibility of using the keyboard shortcut Win + V. We tell you all this now because the application Swiftkey, owned by Microsoft, will receive a major update later this year. One of its main features will be the integration of the Clipboard in the cloud. From what we now know thanks to a recent beta version of SwiftKey, Microsoft will enable support for a feature that allows you to copy and paste text from other Windows-based devices.

This actually means that with the latest SwiftKey update, we will finally be able to sync Clipboard history via the cloud and access content on any device. For example, we can copy a document or a website on the Windows desktop, and paste it into an app on the telephone with Android. Of course, it will be essential that the SwiftKey application is installed in the same.

In the same way we will also have the possibility to copy the text on the mobile and paste it on our Windows-based desktop computers. Of course for all this we will have to activate the synchronization of data from the Clipboard, both in Windows 10 and Android.

Synchronize Windows content on Android

For all this that we tell you, the first thing we must do to try it right now is to download and install SwiftKey Beta from the Play Store on the Android terminal. Once we have it installed on the phone, we have to activate the option to Synchronize the clipboard history with the cloud. Say that it will ask us to log into our microsoft account to continue.

Once this is done, on the PC with Windows 10 We access the Configuration application through the Win + I key combination. At that moment we go to the System / Clipboard section, where we have to activate two options. Specifically, these are Clipboard History and Synchronization between devices.

Therefore, once we have made these changes and configurations on both devices, the desktop PC and the Android mobile, we can synchronize the Clipboard between them. Of course, all this that we have told you will only work if we use the same Microsoft account both in the Pc as in the mobile. now we just have to wait for the functionality to reach the final version of SwiftKey.

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