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After just over a year in the hands of the investment fund Platinum Equity, IngramMicro launches to sell part of its shares in a Public Offer of Sale to go public. It has been announced by the corporation itself that has prepared the first draft in the Security and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC) from the United States.

The process, even at a very early stage, must be reviewed by the competent body and approved, based on market requirements and other conditions established. It will be then when the start of this IPO operation can be made public, in which neither number of shares nor prices have been determined for the same.

What is clear is that Platinum Equity wants to find the maximum performance of the wholesaler and for this, it will take advantage of the stock market. A strategy that, as the CEO, Paul Bay commented, has become more aggressive and is going through a process of modernizing tools both internally and for partners in which the new owner of Ingram Micro is supporting with investments.

If Ingram Micro’s IPO process is successfully completed, the corporation would become the thirteenth company in the media, technology and telecommunications category to be listed on the American Stock Exchange in the first half of the year. A low level of IPOs compared to the 52 that went out in the same period last year, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

At the gates of the XIX Symposium

The news breaks shortly before the wholesaler celebrates his big day in Spain. The Ingram Micro Symposium 2022 will open its doors next Thursday, September 22 in Barcelona and there we will be able to ask the company’s top managers in our country how this could affect the business.

More than 60 manufacturers will accompany Ingram Micro to the event and once again they hope to attend thousands of distributors, partners and stores in their exhibition, workshops and presentations from different verticals and technology business segments. will you come?

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