Intel Arc A770 and A750, finally available

Intel has announced the general availability of Intel Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards. They are the first for desktop computers that reach the general channel after the first release of the versions for laptops and they are the ones that will allow us to know if -as we hope- Intel can be a real alternative to NVIDIA and AMD in the graphics hardware segment. dedicated.

Intel Arc A770 and A750

The Intel Arc A770 and A750 hit the market in Intel reference design versions, Limited Edition, as well as customized versions from ASRock, Gunnir, Acer and other OEM partners who have joined the launch.


We have published dozens of articles about Intel’s return to the dedicated graphics business (20 years later) and in particular this desktop Arc Alchemist series for which we recommend this special where we tell you everything you need to know. We leave you with its main characteristics as a summary:

Model Intel Arc A750 Intel Arc A770
GPU Xe-HPG «Alchemist» – ACM-G10 Xe-HPG «Alchemist» – ACM-G10
cores 3,584 4,096
render units 112 128
Freq. Base 2,050MHz 2,100MHz
dedicated memory 8GB GDDR6 8/ 16GB GDDR6
Frequency Memory 2000MHz 2187MHz
Bandwidth 512Gbps 560Gbps
transistors 21,700M 21,700M
Production 6nm 6nm

models and prices

  • Intel Arc A770 with 16 GB of dedicated memory: $349.
  • Intel Arc A770 with 8 GB of dedicated memory: $329.

  • Intel Arc A750: $289.

moderate prices for the barbarity of other dedicated graphics, but that we must assess once the performance section has been analyzed, including software and drivers that have a fundamental role. Intel is far from competing with the high-end that NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 leads (don’t miss our spectacular analysis), but we do believe that it will be able to compete in entry- and mid-range ranges. And it has a lot of room for improvement to position itself as a necessary alternative to the current duopoly.

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