iOS 15.6 is now available for download

This may be the last update before officially moving to iOS 16, so it’s more than possible that you won’t be able to see any big changes, it’s all improvements and bug fixes from the previous version. In addition to these changes, Apple has decided to greatly improve security, improving more than 30 aspects in this regard. These enhancements ensure the integrity of the system and make sure your information stays yours. And it is that one of the most important characteristics of Apple is its concern for the safety of its users, and it is seen in updates like these.

These are some changes and improvements of iOS 15.6

The enhancements mentioned above range from privilege escalation to arbitrary code execution to restricted information access to DoS attacks. These are different strategies that a potential attacker could use to try to access your information. Among them is a memory corruption bug in the WebRTC component that was discovered earlier this month that could have been used to attack Google Chrome users.

The list of fixes is long, so remember that keeping your devices up to date is essential. And it is that with this new update it is not important to see the news that has arrived or not to update because you prefer previous versions, it is that the fundamental thing is to guarantee the security of your iOS device. In addition to these security improvements, there are other simpler fixes that have been improved in this new update. Among them stand out:

  • Correction of a bug in Safari which could cause a tab to go back to the previous page.
  • Correction of a bug in Settings that it could still show the device storage as full when it wasn’t.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause braille devices slow down or become unresponsive when using Mail.
  • Correction of an error that could affect the operation of the app Books.
  • The tv-app adds the option to replace a match that is in progress and pause and move forward or backward through playback.

The changes, as you can see, are minor. Is about pminor bug fixes that allow systems to work even better. Something that was to be expected after the news that iOS 15 brought both in its first version and in the rest of the updates. However, it should be remembered that in the first hours after the launch of the operating systems, downloads may be somewhat slower than usual due to the high level of demand, so if you decide to wait a few days, your mobile will be rewarded with even better performance and no problems to run the new version.

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