IPhone and Apple Watch will soon be better integrated with Windows thanks to Intel

Intel has just announced at CES 2022 the next generation of its premium brand Evo for computers certified by the company. In addition to adding support for foldable devices and the Wi-Fi 6E standard, the new Evo PCs will also offer iPhone and Apple Watch integration with iMessage support for the first time.

Credit: Intel

Intel has just given iPhone owners reasons to switch to Windows, a few months after trolling the M1 Macs in anti-Apple ads. During a presentation at CES 2022, the US giant announced that owners of Windows laptops using Intel Evo chips will be able to control their iPhone remotely. For this, Intel is relying on technology from Screenovate, a company recently acquired by the chip giant.

Intel has demonstrated the technology on stage, and it is proving to be really interesting for iPhone owners. Until now, they had to turn to MacBooks if they wanted to take advantage of applications such as iMessage on their computer.

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iMessage arrives on Windows thanks to Intel

Integrating iMessages into a Windows PC is not a feature supported by Apple, but that will change thanks to Intel. Indeed, Intel has revealed that it will now be possible to send an iMessage using your laptop PC equipped with an Evo chip from a custom application.

In the demo, Intel also showed that it was possible to access health data from your Apple Watch. User heart rate, blood oxygen and even ECG data are therefore directly accessible on the laptop.

Another demonstration showed the possibility of using an Android tablet as a second screen for the PC, like Apple’s SideCar technology, but it is not known if it will be available in the same way for iPad users. Intel then showed that it is possible to take a photo on a smartphone and share it effortlessly on a smart TV. At this time, it’s unclear when exactly these features will be available to everyone, but a limited number of users of the Evo platform should have access to it by the end of the year.

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