iPhone SE 2022: it could debut soon

We have been talking about the iPhone SE for a while, the cheapest option to get an Apple smartphone, and that It is currently in its second generation for a price that starts at 489 euros. Not to mention the users who still find the classic home button a necessary element on their phones, as I know more than one person who has opted for the iPhone SE over other versions mainly for that reason.

In July we had news that Apple was already stepping on the gas, putting the supply chain in motion to be on time with the production of the third-generation iPhone SE. Now, when is “on time”? As we learned at that time, Apple was aiming for the first half of 2022, a fairly long term that, until now, had been repeated on several occasions, but which, according to what we can read today in Wccftech, could be much narrower, and be quite close.

We do not have a specific date yet, but from what we can read in that publication, it seems that Apple vendors are already preparing to ship their iPhone SE, which would indicate that we will no longer have to wait too long until your announcement occurs and, of course, its arrival on the market. This information, however, is not confirmed, so we will still have to wait to know if its launch occurs closer to January or June.

Regarding its technical specifications, at first there was talk that it would maintain the design of the second generation iPhone SE, and that all changes would occur inside. However, more recently, the possibility that a change does occur has been raised, going to have the design of the iPhone XR, which would mean the definitive farewell to the home button, which at this time is only found in the second-generation SE.

What there is consensus on is that the third generation will mean, this time, the leap from the iPhone SE to 5G connectivity, and it is that we remember that in its current version it is still in 4G. Another important leap that, in principle, we will also see in this third iteration is the one referred to its SoC, which will go from being the A13 Bionic, with which the iPhone 11 was motorized, to the very recent one. A15 Bionic, which gives life to the iPhone 13 presented just a couple of months ago.

The third big change will depend, of course, on whether the second-generation iPhone SE design is finally maintained or Apple has opted for that of the iPhone XR, and is that in the latter case, that is, if the home button disappears (something which would surprise me a bit, really), we would also see the size of your screen grow, and the adoption of Face ID. And I say that I would be surprised because, with these changes, the differences between the SE and the higher priced models would be substantially reduced.

And if that is the case, it would be even more surprising if something that was also leaked a few months ago was confirmed, and that is this new generation of iPhone SE would maintain the price of the previous one, that is to say, the 489 euros that it indicated at the beginning. And it is that if everything is finally confirmed, even the disappearance of the button and a larger screen for that price, it seems that we would finally have the cheap iPhone that the market has been waiting for so long.

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