Is it a good idea to limit the range of a Wi-Fi repeater?

A Wi-Fi repeater may be the best option to extend the range of our Internet connection, although as we saw at the time in this article, in certain cases it is better to go directly to a PLCWhile in others the smartest option will be a PLC with Wi-Fi repeater functions. Everything will depend, in the end, of our needs, and the particularities of the corner to which we want to take our Internet connection.

Normally, when we install a Wi-Fi repeater, we always seek to maximize its range. It is normal, since in the end we want to expand the reach of our network as much as possible so that we do not have dead zones, or corners with too low a speed. Nevertheless, there may also be cases where the opposite occurs. Yes, oddly enough, purposely limiting the range of our Wi-Fi repeater can be a good idea, especially in certain situations.

I know it may seem weird, so let’s look at it with a practical example. Imagine that you want to extend the range of your Wi-Fi to bring the signal to the garden. In this case, the reach of your network may end up covering a good part of the street as well, and have your network appear as available when people passing through your area do a scan to try to connect to a wireless network.

Normally, when this happens, your password will prevent them from entering, but the strength of this will be what will determine, in the end, the chances of success of any intrusion attempt. In this case, limiting the range of the Wi-Fi repeater by making it only optimally cover key areas of the garden would have been a much smarter move.

I don’t want to limit the range of my Wi-Fi repeater, what options do I have?

If you do not want to complicate the placement of the repeater, or if it is simply impossible to find a corner where to place it so that it covers well those spaces you want to reach, but without it ending up extending too much to the street, do not worry, you can minimize the risk of intrusions with two simple keys: disabling the SSID and using a strong password.

We already talked about both aspects at the time, so if you want to improve the strength of your password, we invite you to review this article, and if you need to deactivate the SSID you will only have to follow the steps that we explain at the time in this other. In case you have any questions do not worry, you can leave it in the comments.

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