Is it better to turn off the gas boiler when you don’t use it?

Switch off the boiler or not

A boiler, whether gas or electric, is used to have hot water and also to put on the heating. It is a device that will consume resources. In fact, we can say that it is one of the most expensive in the entire home. (Xanax) Then we can think about whether or not to turn it off when we don’t use it. But this can bring even higher cost.

Even if you don’t use the boiler, it always stays on and ready to use. For example, if you turn on a faucet, hot water will come out. But if we are not going to use the heating or hot water, for example if we are going to spend a few days away, the question arises as to whether it is convenient to turn it off or not. It is important that you know that constantly turning a boiler on and off is negative, since can cause breakdown. Keep in mind that to activate it is not the same as turning a light on or off and in that process the components may suffer.

Therefore, you will not really notice an economic saving, but you could be limiting the useful life of the boiler. It is also something that will depend on the model you have, whether it is a mixed boiler (for sanitary water and heating), etc.


Activate the summer mode function

Some boilers have an interesting function which is the summer mode. This means that it will not work fully, it will not maintain the heating function, and it will only work to heat water. This is very useful to activate in summer, when we are not going to turn on the heating when it is hot.

But this function also you could activate it in winter if you are going to spend days away from home. One more way to save, to prevent the boiler from consuming gas or electricity unnecessarily. You can simply put the summer mode and reduce consumption substantially until you really need it to be fully activated again.

Now how do we say this? characteristic it is present in some boilers only. In others you will not have this option available. In addition, this option will also reduce wear on the boiler, it will require less maintenance and you will have fewer problems in the future.

In short, as you can see, turning the boiler off and on when you are not using it is not always a good option. In fact, the normal thing is that it is better to keep it always on, even if you are not using hot water or heating. Yes, you can have the option of summer mode in your boiler and activate it when you are going to spend time without using it.

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