Is it true that Apple is going to launch its own drone?

A few weeks ago, the idea of ​​Apple presenting its own drone began to take hold. All this based on certain real indications that pointed to it, but which, however, have not been accompanied by official information or even forecasts by the main gurus who always predict secret projects of the brand. So is there such a possibility? We analyze it.

The reasons that lead to believe in the Apple Drone

A few years ago, certain documents registered by Apple in the Patent and Trademark Office were known that described a kind of flying element that, from the context, was understood to refer to a drone. In the same way that several hiring of professionals in the sector were revealed who, probably, would be destined to investigate the possibility of launching their own drone. We recall that currently in the company’s stores you can buy those of the well-known DJI brand.

To this information was added this month that of a new patent describing a flight control system for these teams, which set off all the alarms. It is true that a drone is not described as such, but after all it is so related that it is difficult to believe that the company simply implements a control system without launching its own device at the same time.

Patents, patents and more patents. Do not trust

Obviously a patent has more relevance than a rumor, whoever it comes from. And it is that in the end they are the most obvious evidence that a company like Apple is working on something. However, this is not indicative of anything at the end of the day, since the project can then go in another direction or even be discarded completely for whatever reason.

Therefore, without taking away from the fact that Apple is working on something in this regard, we cannot ignore the number of patents achieved by the company in these years in multiple areas that have not finally been transformed into a real product or service. In the end, it is a way for this and other companies to ensure their developments in the legal field, regardless of whether they finally happen or not.

An Apple’s own drone would be the least interesting and it would be necessary to see what differences it would bring with respect to those that are already in the market of other brands and that she herself sells. And more in keeping with that old dogma that Apple always introduces some key differential element with respect to its competitors when it launches a new product line. However, it does not seem that we are going to see it in the short term. Maybe never, but who knows …

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