Is Kojima trolling with Abandoned?

The pirate patch

As you will surely remember, the official account of Blue Box Game Studios published an image on Twitter asking fans if they were ready for the real-time experience, and the image in question showed a blurred background in which you could see the silhouette of a person with a patch covering one of his eyes. This raised a lot of questions about who is hiding behind the image, and even generated a new theory that ensures that behind Abandoned is a new Metal Gear game, and not Silent Hill.

Be that as it may, the importance of the patch was left there, and now we come across a post by Hideo Kojima on his Instagram account with which he could be referring to this element.

Striking glasses

Kojima glasses

Good old Kojima usually shares many photos with details and curiosities that he has around his office. Most of the photos are of gifts or purchases that he makes almost always related to his love for the cinema, and this time he has decided to show some very striking glasses that have dark lenses for the sun that can be folded.

Leaving aside the eye-catching of the glasses, the peculiarity in this case is that in one of the photos it appears with only one of these lenses removed, giving the impression that it is wearing an eye patch. This is perhaps too convoluted a thought, but considering how playful Kojima is usually with these things and the history of small details that we already carry with the Blue Box game, at this point we could expect anything.

What do you think of this photo of Kojima? Do you think he’s making references to the Blue Box image from the patch?

Metal Gear or Silent Hill?

Norman Reedus Instagram

Although the latest trend has been bet on Metal Gear, the most weighty theories continue to point to Silent Hill. The latest clues (if they can be called that) have been seen on the Instagram account of Norman Reedus, the actor who played Sam Porters Bridges in Death stranding, and whose latest publications are giving a lot to talk about.

Norman Reedus Instagram

On the one hand, we have the most explicit image in which the actor appears in a video with the famous bunny Robbie, who appears in many Silent Hill games, and on the other hand, another image a little more complicated to review, but that possibly has the most interesting and revealing content. In it we can see a photo of the actor with a transparency on his face, and whose image seems to be the face of Lisa, the terrifying character that made us jump from a chair in PT

Lisa PT

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