Is the CGI of Thor Love and Thunder bad?

Marvel has spoiled us with its cinematic universe full of renowned actors, almost impossible special effects and almost astronomical budgets. The Avengers set a very high bar in terms of quality, and it is seen that maintaining the level of these productions is playing against Disney. Thor: Love and Thunder It was the latest release in Marvel Studios’ busy schedule of releases. The criticisms of this release have been very varied, but many people agree that the special effects of the film have left a lot to be desired. He himself has responded to the criticism Taika Waititialthough it is possible that he only cast more fuel to the fire.

Taika Waititi laughs at the special effects of his latest film

Director of Thor: Love and Thunder has decided to participate in debate on VFX of his own movie. She did it a few days ago with Tessa Thompson in a video for the media Vanity Fair. Waititi asked the one who plays Valkyrie about whether or not one of the scenes in which Korg appears, the warrior he himself gives voice to, seemed real. film.

Thompson responded with a laugh, saying that in that shot, the realism seemed conspicuous by its absence. The director kept pushing for a few more takes, and Tessa Thompson agreed with Waititi on a few occasions.

We love it when a professional criticizes himself, but the Taika Waititi Complaints they were not addressed to his work, but to that of the VFX artists. Marvel Studios often outsources this entire process to other specialized studios. Therefore, the laughter and wanting to bring out the colors in the special effects of the latest Thor movie has been seen by many people as an offense towards those who make up more than half of the credits of the production.

docrunch also in the world of VFX?

Thor Love & Thunder.

Waititi may have opened the box of thunder with his own critique for the purposes of Thor: Love and Thunder. Professionals in the sector have not hesitated to charge against Marvel Studios on forums like Reddit. They affirm that Marvel has a terrible management of its productions in terms of special effects, and that deadlines are often not met established at the beginning of the works. They also denounce that last minute changes are more frequent than we think, which leads many of these professionals to work much longer than agreed, and not receive financial compensation for it.

The Reddit thread that spawned this discussion already existed before the Waititi and Tessa Thompson video was posted, but has gained a lot of popularity since then. We knew that the VFX sector was poorly paid, but the Streisand effect that has occurred after the words of the New Zealander is somewhat curious, since many testimonies have come to light that allow us to see that the authentic Marvel villains could be right behind the cameras.

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