Is the VPN blocked on your mobile? This is happening

What a VPN does is encrypt the connection. Everything you send is like it’s in some kind of tunnel. This can be beneficial for privacy on the Internet, but if it doesn’t work correctly, you could have problems browsing or even using certain programs that you have installed.

Why doesn’t the VPN work on mobile

Although we can also install a VPN on the computer, we are going to focus on the case of the mobile. It is on these devices that it can be more interesting, since we take it everywhere and we are more likely to connect to public networks or have problems entering some applications if you go to other countries.

Conflict with antivirus

The first reason why the VPN can be blocked is due to a conflict with the antivirus. Have a good security program is key to preventing viruses and other threats from entering. Now, it is essential that you know that you must use one that is guaranteed and that it really works well, so that it does not fail with other applications.

The same thing can happen with a firewall. For this reason, we recommend that you always install guarantee programs. It is essential that you have a good antivirus installed and do not install any software that you find, as it could become problematic and have a negative effect.

The server has stopped working

It can also happen that the VPN is blocked on the mobile because the server the one you are connected to has stopped working. This can happen and is common. Normally, VPNs have multiple servers that we can connect to. Not all of them will always work well.

To avoid problems, precisely having a VPN with many servers is very useful. Also, if they are located in different countries it is less likely that you will be completely offline, since you will always have a choice.

Problem with the program

One more reason is that there is directly a problem with the vpn app. Maybe it works badly, it is outdated, there is a specific failure… All this can cause it to crash, stop working, and you cannot connect to the network. It is something that can happen with any software you install.

Our advice is that you always install a guarantee application. That will help you avoid problems of this type and ensure that it always works correctly. It will be very useful for your security, but also for functionality and that it does not affect other applications.

The connection is bad

If you are having connection issues, that could also lead to failures when using the VPN. It could crash, stop working. This will happen mainly when you connect wirelessly, either with mobile data or over Wi-Fi. When using cable, the problem usually appears less as there is greater stability.

To avoid problems, what you should do is always maintain a good connection. Try to improve coverage, connect to stable networks and that will avoid common failures when browsing the web.

In short, as you can see, it can come to get blocked your vpn for different reasons. We have shown you the most common causes. You can always take certain measures to correct these failures and try to make it work perfectly at all times, so as not to have cuts or your security is affected. You can see failures like the VPN connected but no network.

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