Is the VPN not working for you? This is the main reason

If you VPN does not work or starts to go wrong, the reasons can be multiple. There is no single cause that makes this type of program not work. However, there is something that is usually quite present and what we are going to talk about in this article. We are going to explain what you should do to try to make it work as well as possible and have a good connection when you connect to the Internet through a VPN, whether on your mobile or on your computer.

A VPN is a service that allows you surfing the Internet as if you were connected elsewhere, with another IP address, and even be able to encrypt the connection. Very useful when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks, such as an airport or a shopping center, as well as avoiding possible geographical restrictions that may exist when entering a page or using a program.

Bad server, common VPN problem

Most VPN services are going to have multiple servers. This is necessary to navigate, since what the program does is connect you through a server. You are going to browse with its IP address, so your virtual location will be where that server is hosted. Now, if it does not work well, you may have problems and that is when the cuts, loss of speed or even the inability to connect will begin.

What should you do to fix one of the main reasons why the VPN is not working well? Something as simple as disconnecting from that server and connect to another. That can make you notice that the connection starts to go much better, more stable and avoid the usual annoying failures.

This can happen for different reasons. Maybe that server is down momentarily or not working well. But it can also happen that you are connected to a very saturated server or what is found very far from where you are actually located. This will make the connection unstable.

For example, if you are going to travel to China and you need to connect to a VPN to be able to use Google or Facebook services, instead of connecting to a server hosted in Europe or America, which are further away and can cause problems, the ideal is that you connect to a server in Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong, which will be closer.

Choose the VPN, password

Beyond explaining the main reason why the VPN is not working correctly for you, we are going to talk about why it is essential choose the VPN very well What are you going to use? It is key to have a good connection, to be able to navigate without problems, but also to avoid security risks that could expose your privacy.

Our advice is that you choose recognized services, that have independent reports where you can see that they are really reliable. Some options like Surfshark or NordVPN work very well and they will have multiple servers, so you can avoid the main reason why they do not work well.

It is important that you always download the programs from official sources. Avoid downloading them from third-party sites, where they could have been maliciously modified. This can also put your security at risk, since it is not uncommon to see a fake VPN, which only seeks to steal information or sneak viruses. Although there are reasons why the VPN disconnects, if it is a reliable program the risk is less.

In short, as you can see, the most common reason why a VPN does not work well is because it is connected to a server that is not working well. Whenever you have problems, try switching to another server and see if it starts to work better.

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