Is the WiFi of an Apple Store safe?

We have all heard and seen more than once that connecting to a public Wi-Fi network can pose a risk to the mobile phone. However, there are networks of public places that do not pose as much danger. In this post we tell you if the WiFi of an Apple Store is safe.

One of the advantages that iPhones have is the great security that they are capable of offering. In this aspect they are one of the best mobiles on the market, and with the case of WiFi they were not going to be less. Connecting to a WiF network may seem like a privacy and security notice. If your Apple device displays a privacy notice or low security notice related to the Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi network could expose information about the device. For these reasons, Apple recommends connecting to Wi-Fi networks that meet or exceed the security standards that you can find on its own website.

An iPhone says weak security when the Wi-Fi network you are connected to is set to WPA or WPA2. This is an outdated router configuration, but most people will be able to update it quickly.

  • If you can avoid it, do not connect to open wireless networks. Public networks can put us in danger. Both the administrator and some of the connected users can use techniques to steal information from us.
  • If we are going to connect, it is preferable access a network with WPA or WPA2 security. Open networks with WEP security are totally insecure.
  • Disable any synchronization process of our equipment if you are going to use a public network.
  • Always keep your computer updated, with the antivirus installed correctly and if possible, make use of a firewall.
  • Be careful when browsing pages whose data is not encrypted.
  • Do not sign in to any services while connected to a public network. Avoid making banking transactions, online purchases or any other task that involves the exchange of private data from public Wi-Fi networks.
  • After connection, delete the network data memorized by our team.

For these reasons it is safe

However, and as we have said before, there are points that are safe to be able to connect without fear of data being stolen from your phone, and the physical Apple Store is one of them. In their quest to create the best experience for buyers, official Apple stores offer free Wi-Fi service, some of them even have areas for tables and chairs to work. Although in reality many of these areas are designed so that you can configure your new Apple device without having to wait to get home.

apple store

One of the reasons why this Wi-Fi network is secure is because, as we already know, shopping at an Apple Store is an experience that seeks to make you look your best. For this reason, they have created quality WiFi networks, as if it were your home router, and it is much more comfortable for you to be able to finish configuring your device. Normally in an Apple Store there are two WiFi networks, the one used by employees and the one designed for customers, but they are both equally safe and reliable, so if you go to an App Store don’t worry about connecting to their network Wifi.

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