Is Tom Holland recreating the Spider-Man meme in this photo?

The three Spider-Man in Sin on the way home

Before we even had an official name for the film, it was already rumored: the three Spider-Man would appear in the third installment of the Marvel Studios saga. This is what everyone hopes will happen in the film that will see the light in December and in which Tom Holland, the current protagonist, should see their faces with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

As you know, these two actors gave life to Spider-Man in the Sony films, and since then, of course, they have not worn the superhero suit again. This would change with Spider-Man 3: No Way Home, since the approach of the plot would lead to the three Peter Parkers finding themselves in a kind of alternate reality.

Although it has been verified in the official trailer that old villains (played by the same actors) will return and that indeed Doctor Strange will open the way to a new reality, the participation of Maguire and Garfield remains unconfirmed and even the interpreters have repeated on several occasions that this rumor is not true and that there will be no reunion.

Some have already given up and have ended up believing that everything is the result of speculations that will not come true, however, others maintain the hope that everyone is obliged to remain silent (by contract) and that is why they are lying. Even more so if images like the last photo of Tom holland in social networks…

Holland spoiling us again?

Tom Holland is known for two things in Hollywood: for his role as Spider-Man and for his knack for telling. spoilers of his movies. So much so that even to announce the official name of Spider-Man 3, the producers mounted a video in which an allusion was made precisely to the actor’s ease of telling secrets.

We therefore do not know if the image that we are going to show you below is another slip of the young man or if it is something perfectly orchestrated by Marvel studios -We rather lean towards this second-, but be that as it may, it seems that Holland has decided to recreate a meme that does nothing more than make us believe again that the three Spider-men will face each other and that it has been leaked on Twitter:

As you can see, it is the very famous image of two Spidermen pointing in an alley with a van behind, just the same gesture that Tom does in the photo of discord.

The image of the actor was taken in the recording studios of Euphoria -HBO series in which it is rumored that he has participated with Zendaya- And it’s going around the internet right now.

Is our beloved Spiderman wanting to tell us something? Are you just making fun of us for how insistent we are on this issue? We’ll see how much more time we have to wait to find out …

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