It’s official, TeamGroup’s DDR5 is here: 32 GB will cost € 300

We have been talking about the DDR5 RAM, which finally debuted with the new Intel Alder Lake-S platform that was released earlier this month. In the case of TeamGroup, We have also been talking about its DDR5 for some time, although it is true that it has not been until now that they have finally made the official launch, also indicating the price that we will have to pay for this new generation of RAM.

Officially, TeamGroup puts on the market two new variants of its DDR5 RAM memories: we will have, on the one hand, the most basic models called Vulcan, and that will be sold in kits of 32 GB at 5,200 MHz speed, while the highest-end models will be the DELTA RGB, with RGB lighting as the name suggests and that will also be available in 32 GB kits but at a higher speed, 6,400 MHz.

DELTA RGB and Vulcan, this is the DDR5 of TeamGroup

We begin by looking at the most basic model of the two launched on the market, the Vulcan DDR5. We are dealing with RAM memories with a low profile aluminum heatsink, enough to keep the chips at a good temperature and that facilitate their installation by not interfering with the sink processor. This heatsink is available in red and matte black colors, manufactured in two pieces that are joined by a clasp in the upper area. The DRAM chips make contact with the heatsink through thermal pads to facilitate the transmission of heat and thus have a more efficient operation.

According to TeamGroup, these memories have a lot of room for Overclocking, both due to the excellent choice of chips and the range of operating temperatures at which they can work. However, the manufacturer offers them only in a dual channel kit with two modules of 16 GB each (32 GB in total) with two frequency specifications: 4,800 MHz and 5,200 MHz.

The power management IC and integrated Error Correction Code (ECC) improve the power management efficiency, reliability, stability and performance of these new RAMs on any platform, although it is true that currently only they will work in conjunction with an Intel Alder Lake-S platform.


On the other hand, we have the highest-end models (for now) of the manufacturer, the DELTA RGB which, as their name indicates, stand out for incorporating RGB lighting that, as always in this manufacturer, can be configured using the motherboard software regardless of the manufacturer.

TeamGroup also says that these RGB DELTAs are designed for the Overclocking, especially thanks to its efficient large heatsink that keeps the chips always fresh. As in the previous model, they are made of aluminum and incorporate thermal pads to facilitate the transmission of heat from the chips to the heatsink, something that together with its integrated IC (which improves power management and encourages less heat to be produced) give enough room for maneuver to raise your operating frequency.

And, speaking of frequency, these memories are also offered only in 32 GB kits (2 modules of 16 GB each) and, in this case, in somewhat higher operating frequencies: 6,000 MHz and 6,400 MHz.

Price and availability


In the headline of this release news we told you that the 32 GB started at 300 Euros, and the official prices of these kits according to the manufacturer are the following:

  • Vulcan DDR5: 299.99 Euros.
  • DELTA RGB DDR5: 399.99 Euros.

It must be taken into account that the manufacturer has specified these prices for the top-of-the-range models (that is, 5,200 MHz for the Vulcan and 6,400 MHz for the DELTA RGB), so it is to be understood that the models that operate at a lower speed will be slightly cheaper. Availability is announced for the end of this month of November, at which time we can find them in stores.

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