Japan to launch plan to subsidize local chip production

Faced with the crisis caused by the shortage of chips, among other factors, in Japan They have decided to take measures so that this situation, if it occurs again in the future, does not affect them or does so as little as possible. To do this, he will implement a plan to subsidize the construction of chip manufacturing plants on national soil. The first one that will probably receive these subsidies will be the one that the Taiwanese TSMC plans to raise, according to Reuters.

To develop this plan, the Japanese government is going to reserve several billion within the country’s budget for this year. With them he intends to create a pool of funds in NEDO, a state organization dedicated to promoting research and development in energy and industrial technology. The government is going to have to pass new laws to implement this plan. For this reason, the authorities will submit the plan for approval in an extraordinary parliamentary session that does not yet have a specific date for its conclusion. However, everything indicates that it will take place next December.

Of course, the companies that are eligible for the program’s subsidies will have as a condition the obligation to increase the production of chips when there is a shortage of supplies. The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, has pledged to include economic security among its priority lines, which includes boosting local semiconductor production.

As for the factory to be built by TSMC in southern Japan, specifically in the Kumamoto area, it is very likely that the Japanese government will subsidize its construction with just over $ 8.88 billion. As planned, this plant will be mainly dedicated to the production of semiconductors for vehicles, image sensors for digital cameras and for other electronic devices. All with a common nexus: to be currently affected in a notable way by the shortage of chips. If all goes according to plan, it will be ready to go in 2024.

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