Keeping a business afloat using digital marketing

In recent years, political, social and economic events They haven’t given business a break. Everything was more or less calm until the pandemic arrived, then the urgent need for digitization and teleworking. After the war, rising prices and an increase in the standard of living. Everything seems like a succession of catastrophes that have no end, but what if it were nothing more than a jolt to do things differently once and for all?

Marketing and sales

According to a study, 64% of customers trust social media to influence their purchasing decisions. A company, especially a small one, that is having a hard time due to the above, should take these data into account. Because? Because for keep a business afloat You have to sell more and help yourself with all the advances that the company provides. digitization.

These statistics reveal that SMEs and the self-employed need increase your digital presence to remain relevant in a post-pandemic landscape. For this, digital marketing is essential. Perhaps you have already done some online advertising or have a presence on the networks, but you should ask yourself if this is enough. To give you a hand, below we review some keys to increase your sales through these channels.

1 – Facelift on social networks

Maybe your company has accounts on all or some social platforms. Still, is the content you post consistent with your brand? Or do you post often enough to have a good impact? If the answers are negative, it is necessary that you put a remedy. One idea is to use optimized tools, which can help you grow your social media community.

These solutions are capable of automatically setting up accounts, updating logos, or helping you design and implement posts with appropriate text and images.

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2 – Email Marketing, or emailing

The use of email to send advertising campaigns is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing. However, if it is not used correctly, the effect can be the opposite: that users get fed up with us and block us. Therefore it is best to handle this tool with the help of an expert.

This professional can advise you from the design of the bulletins or newsletter to send, even without you having any technical knowledge. In this way, you will be able to configure your own mailings in the future, with the knowledge acquired. This can be scheduled on the date you choose, using a platform for this purpose. Depending on the subscription you choose, the same tool will provide you with interesting data about the reception of your newsletter. Thus, you will be able to know the number of clicks, how many people have reached, even how many have unsubscribed. With this information you can improve future shipments.

3 – Improvements in SEO

we already know that what does not appear in Google does not existThat’s why you have to speak their language. Having a web page, even with interesting posts, is useless if you do not have good SEO. Keep in mind that this “language” changes from time to time, and what worked great yesterday may not work today.

It does not hurt to follow SEO professionals in RR.SS. and take a look at their profiles from time to time, to see if something new has come out. They are generally very simple things that can give a great boost and make the digital part of your business visible.

4 – Targeted ads

Ads are the last part of the equation to make a digital marketing strategy and, all too often, SMEs and freelancers they don’t spend too much time or resources on this. Betting on very general advertising, with all fronts open and directed equally to everyone, is usually ineffective.

Now it takes so-called targeted advertising, which means that it has been segmented and adapted to a target audience. In short, quantity is not sought but quality. To make these segments it is necessary to know our public and what their interests and behaviors are. How to know these data? You can start big data and analytics projects yourself, using tools that provide you with this data. But if you don’t have enough time or money, you can hire a company that already has this information. Look at it as an investment: instead of wasting time, money and effort, try to focus on a more organized perspective, balancing supply and demand, to achieve better results.

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