Kingdomino Origins will speak Italian with Ghenos Games

We talked about the new Kingdomino a few days ago; it wasn’t long before the news came that Kingdomino Origins, board game from Bruno Cathala and heir to the winning title of the Spiel des Jahres 2017, will arrive in Italian thanks to Ghenos Games.

Also in this case it is good to remember that you do not mess with the fire

Kingdomino Origins will speak Italian with Ghenos Games

Why do we talk about fire? Well, it will be this element that will be decisive in the new board game Kingdomino Origins. The well-known scoring system of the crowns will in fact be supplanted by the bonfires that each tribe will try to light around their village. But this will not be the only novelty of this title. The setting goes from the Middle Ages to the prehistoric age, when human civilization began to be born and spread over the earth.

The game will have the same player counter, 2-4 players, and a similar duration to its predecessor, 25 minutes per game. But 3 different game modes, of increasing difficulty, will guarantee a new and different gaming experience to fans of this tile-placing title: the discovery mode, the totem mode and finally the tribe mode.

Kingdomino Origins, in its edition entirely in Italian signed by Ghenos Games (Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Brass: Birmingham) will arrive in preview at Lucca Comics and Games. The Tuscan festival dedicated to games and comics will begin on October 29th and will end on November 1st.

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