Kyndryl continues to expand its partner network with new agreements with VMware and SAP

After reaching an agreement with the Microsoft Cloud just days after it was born as a separate company from IBM, Kyndryl has announced new agreements with two other technology companies: VMware and SAP. The agreement signed with the former will focus on the modernization of apps and multicloud services.

With it, both companies will focus on infrastructure and multicloud management, as well as managed apps, digital workspace services, networking and edge computing. To do this, the two will use their experience, capacities and resources at the local, regional and global levels.

In addition, Kyndryl will open a joint innovation center with VMware, which is also an independent company recently after parting ways with Dell. The center will mainly deal with the modernization of apps, containers, observability and Security with VMware Tanzu. The collaboration agreement is also intended to support VMware multi-cloud services to cover multiple cloud environments.

As for the agreement signed with SAP, according to Kyndryl, it has served to achieve SAP certification in operational capabilities in global cloud operations and infrastructure operations. The certifications cover operations with SAP HANA, global hosting, SAP Business Suite, SAP SuccessFactors, and DevOps. Additionally, Kyndryl already offers various SAP services including cloud deployments, project management, data migrations and integrations, and Artificial Intelligence.

As stated by the Kyndryl CEO Martin Schroeter, on the agreements, with respect to that of VMware, «This is especially important as Kyndryl continues to invest in our industry-leading skills in key areas, especially cloud, networking and edge computing, as well as security and resiliency services. Kyndryl already has thousands of qualified professionals with VMware certifications available to our clients«.

Regarding the one signed with SAP, Schroeter emphasizes that «We have achieved SAP certification for cloud operational capabilities and global infrastructure operations. This strengthens Kyndryl’s portfolio and capabilities, and we will be able to address more joint opportunities to manage SAP operations in the cloud and on-premises with end-to-end automation technology. These certificate programs are important. But this is more than meeting customers at the current point in their digital journeys. It’s also about helping them speed up those trips.«.

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