streaming platforms will pay 300 million euros per year for French creation

A real windfall for French cinema and audiovisual creation. Streaming platforms have agreed to pay more than 300 million euros per year to support cultural exception … And broadcast films released in theaters earlier.

The Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) has succeeded in wresting from the main streaming platforms a solid agreement for the financing of the French cinema and audiovisual creation sectors. Each year, they will contribute around 300 million euros over the duration of the agreement, which runs over three years.

200 million for Netflix alone

The biggest contributor is Netflix, which is expected to sign a check for 200 million euros. Amazon Prime Video will cost around 40 million. The rest will be paid by Disney + and Apple TV +, which allows us to imagine their fairly modest market shares in France. And that’s not all, since the CSA still has to come to an agreement with five other services before the end of the year.

For the CSA, this is an important step for the French and European cultural model. ” Until now, only local actors were obliged to contribute to the financing of content. », Recalls the Council which notes that the deep transformation of the audio-visual landscape, with the arrival in force of the streaming, reshuffled the cards of the financing of the French creation.

These agreements set in stone the involvement of these large international companies in our film and television industry. », Concludes the CSA. They are part of a context where the chronology of the media, a cornerstone of the French cultural exception, will be shaken up at the beginning of next year.

The sector has in fact reached an agreement with Canal + for the group to finance cinematographic creation to the tune of 190 million euros per year, in exchange for which it benefits from a screening of films released at the cinema six months ago, as well as an exclusivity of 9 additional months. The contribution of the streaming platforms will allow them to benefit from the following operating window, ie after 15 months.

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