Mom mysteriously disappears and her dog appears on the 28th floor of a building

Heidi planck, the mother of a 10-year-old boy, mysteriously disappeared after going to watch his son play on a football team. The last time he was seen she looked anxious fleeing with his dog who appeared hours later on the 28th floor of a skyscraper in Los Angeles, California.

Heidi is a 39-year-old financial agent for a company facing an investigation for a alleged $ 43 million fraud, indicated the Los Angeles Police Department who posted a photograph of the blue-eyed blonde woman who was wearing the last time she was seen jeans and a gray sweater while driving a gray Range Rover pickup 2017 with registration of California U840X0.

Heidi’s ex-husband noticed something suspicious

The woman was accompanied by her ex-husband Jim Wayne when they saw their son play when suddenly, he began to behave strangely when get nervous and anxious during halftime of the game, Wayne told NBC.

Days after that episode, Heidi’s ex-husband was concerned that his son’s mother stopped responding to messages and calls of the man since generally this way they kept in contact.

On October 20, concern grew when Heidi didn’t pick up her son from school“She is a devoted mother who would never, ever leave her child,” Wayne said.

They find Heidi’s dog

Wayne found Heidi’s cell phone and there he saw that he received messages from a woman stating that I had found the family dog on the 28th floor of a building in an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles. The messages were sent three hours after Heidi was last seen.

The finding of the dog was strange because they do not know how the canine arrived at the place since the access to the apartments is complex, so it was speculated that Heidi had a link with one of the inhabitants.

So far, the apartment complex management has refused to give access to the police to investigate the woman’s whereabouts until they come with a court order. However, the agents entered Heidi’s home to find any indication of her disappearance, the result of the visit was not released.

Jason Sugarman, the managing partner of the company where Heidi works, was sentenced in 2020 to more than 15 years in prison for participating in various fraud schemes.

The search for Heidi Planck continues as her family waits for a miracle to bring her home.


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