News buys the ordering platform, Klikin, from Repsol

The restoration It has been one of the sectors most affected by digitization. The implementation of technologies helps both to solve logistical problems as well as to improve the management of the establishments. Specifically, from, a restaurant management startup, they reveal that the incorporation of management software reduces order loss by 95% and decreases human errors caused by manual work by 90%.

In this sense, R&D devices focus on improving the customer experience, since they are capable of generating valuable information to make decisions, forecast demand, control the volume of food waste and increase sales. foresees that 2022 and 2023 will be the key years in its growth, so it is betting on aggressive strategies to achieve it. In this sense, the Spanish startup has acquired the digital platform for orders, reservations and loyalty for businesses in the restaurant sector of the startup Klikinowned by the multi-energy company Repsol.

The operation will allow customers of the Klikin platform keep your business digital, hand in hand with a company specialized 100% in the digital management of restoration. will provide all clients of this platform with the necessary tools to boost their growth with automation, innovation and a management system designed to be more efficient, in addition to improving the user experience. For his part, Eric Nikolic CEO of mentions: “Betting on a more aggressive growth strategy, we decided to look for new growth paths and Klikin was the ideal partner to start this plan.”.

Warning, scroll to continue reading expects to close 2022 with a growth of 210% compared to the previous year. In addition, we have plans to expand internationally, once we have consolidated our position in the Spanish market. We hope that by the beginning of next year we can start with this expansion”reveals María Eugenia Montes, sales manager.

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