League of Legends player recovers banned account after suing Riot Games

Banned permanently of League of Legends, a player was able to recover his account after filing a lawsuit against Riot Games. Despite the player having violated the company’s policies due to inappropriate behavior, the Court of Justice of the State of Mato Grosso (TJMT) understood that the punishment was too severe and disrespected some steps.

Toxicity in League of Legends

In process documents # 1040722-44.2021.8.11.0001, it is possible to view screenshots attached by Riot Games that prove the player’s toxic behavior. The use of profanity and insults (sexist and racist, including) against other players is notorious, which goes against what the League of Legends Summoner Code says.

Image: Reproduction/JusBrasil

But the permanent ban on the account was not the only penalty applied by Riot Games to the player. Before the case, the company claimed that the player had already received a temporary suspension. However, the recurrence of toxic behavior led to more drastic measures.

Punishment was seen as “too severe”

The problem is that Riot’s decision was challenged by Judge Maria Aparecida Ferreira Fago of the TJMT. The first point is that the company did not comply with its own regulation, which mentions milder punishments before permanent account ban.

League of Legends Punishments

Image: Playback/Riot Games

In addition, even though on its website it is written that steps can be skipped straight to a permanent ban, the owner of League of Legends does not make it clear what is understood as “excessive negative behavior”. Therefore, the understanding of Justice is that this lack of clarity makes the clause problematic, which violates the Consumer Protection Code (CDC).

Because of this, Judge Fago gave a period of 15 days for Riot Games to reactivate the player’s account. The authority acknowledges that the gamer showed toxic behavior, but points out that the punishment was too severe and that the company failed to grant the player the right to defend himself.

“Although there is evidence of violation of the terms of use of the defendant, to which the adhesion is a mandatory condition for the use of the platform, the conduct practiced by the plaintiff is in fact offensive, but does not justify the immediate adoption of a permanent ban, and must be analyzed the specific case. Now, it does not seem credible that profanity uttered during the game automatically generates permanent banishment, such as the commission of a crime that violates the constitutional guarantees of the human person, such as equal treatment without any kind of prejudice due to color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, among others. Therefore, the conduct practiced by the defendant violates the duty of information, as well as goes beyond reasonableness with regard to the application of penalty”, decided Fargo.

The plaintiff also requested BRL 6 thousand as compensation for moral damages. The request, however, was denied.

Source: JusBrasil

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