Learn ethical hacking and programming thanks to these free courses

In this way we will have the possibility of receive information about various topics related to technology directly at home. In fact, an hour does not need to move from the computer chair since all this is carried out online, that is, not in person. These types of courses through the internet do not stop spreading due to their enormous versatility and convenience.

It is worth mentioning that, if we refer to this type of virtual information, we can sometimes receive it directly, or previously recorded. In reality, in most cases one modality is the same as another, since what really interests us is the quality of the content and the way it is presented.

Learn Ethical Hacking from Home

We tell you all this because next we are going to talk about a series of free courses that will surely be very interesting. They will serve you both for professional environments as in a personal capacity.

How could it be otherwise, the courses that we will talk about in these lines are going to focus on different sections related to the world of technology. In addition, one of the main attractions that these offer us is that we can enjoy them completely free of charge. Some of them are limited in time, others forever, but whatever it is at the moment we will not have to pay a single euro.

To begin, we will talk about a series of courses through the internet that will serve you in a multitude of environments related to programming, among other things. I found them in English as we enter Spanish and most of them we can enjoy for life. Hence precisely once its main virtues. We can continue to learn about these topics over time, even if they are somewhat complicated topics.

  • Ethical hacking and cybersecurity: here we find an online course that consists of a total of 18 hours and with which we will learn Ethical web hacking, or to identify vulnerabilities. In the same way, we will obtain knowledge to exploit these internet vulnerabilities in addition to practicing in real Hacking scenarios.
  • Learn about SQL at a basic level: if what you want is to enter the world of database programming without prior knowledge, take a look at this proposal. It is actually a course focused on the SQL language for users who are starting out by working with all of this from scratch. In this way we will be able to learn the basic concepts of the SQL database language and be able to start with our own projects.

Google Sheets and much more, in video and for free

  • Learn Google Sheets from the beginning: if you want to enter the world of spreadsheets, dispensing with Excel, take a look at this course. It offers us the possibility of learning from scratch the use of this powerful Google-owned program focused on numerical data processing. Thus we will know in detail how to work from the application in the most fluid way, understand its interface or know how to use its mathematical functions.
  • Access more than 7000 video courses: in this case we are going to find thousands of online courses in the form of videos. These allow us to enjoy these content for free for a limited time.

These refer to multiple areas related to technology such as software, data processing, business, marketing, etc. All we are going to need is to register on the Pluralsight platform for free.

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