You can now check if your data is in the latest Twitter leak

Last week we told you that a hacker had started to sell a file with data stolen from 200 million Twitter users. These data were obtained in 2021 through a serious flaw in the API of the social network. Initially, the attackers have been analyzing and filtering all the data, selling the entries of the most relevant users separately and reserving the rest of the information obtained. Now, this information is already for sale, and, if you want, you can check if you are in it.

When we talk about computer attacks and stolen databases, there is always a website that comes to mind: Have I Been Pwned. This totally free website is responsible for compiling all the data leaks that appear on the network so that any user can check if their data appears in any of these leaks.

Twitter Data Theft 2022 - 1

This website allows us to check the data in various ways. The first of these, the most common, is via email or other personal information such as phone number. In an instant we will be able to see if the data entered is in any of the databases uploaded to this platform, in which ones, and the other information that has been stolen apart from the mail or telephone. And the second one is a reverse lookup Therefore, by entering our password we will be able to know if it appears in any database (although, for security reasons, we will not know more).

Have I Been Pwned Twitter

This same weekend, those responsible for Have Y Been Pwned have uploaded to their website the new Twitter database with the 200 million stolen accounts. Exactly, this database has the information from 211,524,248 usersand anyone willing to shell out $2 (or dig a bit online) can get hold of it with no problem.

To check if our data is in this database, we simply have to enter our email address in the search box on this website and see if the Twitter database appears among the results.

My data is in the Twitter leak: now what

If our mail appears in this database (something that, if we use Twitter, it is very likely), then we must know that, now, it is in the hands of hackers. And this means that soon we will start receiving much more SPAM and Phishing in our email, in addition to the fact that we will be the object of other much more targeted computer attacks, such as brute force attacks on our accounts (not only Twitter), and social engineering attacks.

Therefore, it is important to take extreme precautions to prevent this from taking its toll on us. For example, we must take extreme precautions and always be wary when we open an email, make sure that use unique and strong passwords on the websites and social networks where we register, and never give our data to anyone.

In any case, security experts say that this is only a small part of everything that attackers could obtain in 2021, so it would not be surprising if, in the not too distant future, we see new massive leaks of personal information. of Twitter users.

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