Learn what Phishing VPN is and protect yourself from this dangerous attack

What is Phishing VPN?

Whenever we browse the Internet we can come across many types of computer attacks that can compromise our equipment. Attackers will try to sneak malware into us, take us to fake pages to steal passwords, send files that are actually fraud, etc. And yes, they will also try to install modified programs.

Phishing VPN is basically just that. It consists of making the victim install an application that is supposed to be a VPN to browse the Internet, but is actually a fake programwhich has been created simply to steal information, passwords or in any way affect the performance of the computer.

How does it work? It usually appears through false advertising when we visit a page, when installing an application or directly entering a website that has been attacked. They tell us that we are browsing insecurely and that we need a VPN. They invite us to install this alleged program in order to improve security and privacy.

But of course, when we click and download that file, we are really facing a VPN Phishing attack. We are not downloading a legitimate program, but a totally fake application that contains viruses and that is going to put the security of our system at risk without us realizing it.

This could lead to the theft of personal information, passwords, cause the system to start malfunctioning… Anything but the actual use of a VPN: encrypt the connection and hide the IP address. It won’t do any good.

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How to avoid this problem

So what can we do to avoid falling victim to VPN Phishing? Without a doubt the best is not make mistakes. Whenever you are going to install a VPN, it is important that you go to the official page of that application. For example the ExpressVPN website, NordVPN or the one you are going to install. This way you make sure that you are installing a legitimate program, which has not been maliciously modified.

You can also choose to reliable app stores. For example Google Play. There you can search for VPN applications and install them without running the risk that an attacker has modified the program simply with the aim of compromising your security and privacy once you download it.

Another option you have is to have a good security program. An antivirus can detect a threat when you download it. This way it will launch a warning or even block the download. It is also important to have the devices updated with the latest versions. If that fake VPN exploits any security flaws, updates will prevent it.

In short, as you have seen, Phishing VPN is a problem that is present on the Internet. Basically it is about installing fake programs that have simply been created to steal information or sneak malware. It is essential to be protected and not fall into the trap at any time. Avoiding insecure VPNs is essential.

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