Listen to this: the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro headphones, on sale!

It is very unlikely that you have not heard of these helmets, whether on a website, in a video or perhaps from a friend or acquaintance. Its fame precedes it and there are undoubtedly good reasons for it, since within the mid-range of gaming helmets we are facing a winner, a winner who is now on sale so that you do not give more thought to the fact of acquiring them.

HyperX Cloud Alpha PRO, ready for what’s on your way?

If the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is famous for something, it is precisely because it is one of the few headphones that correctly and brilliantly implements the dual chamber design so famous today. But how exactly does it work? It is fairly simple: a resonance chamber is designed to improve the bass, while the secondary and much larger power the mids and treble.

By separating the sound into two chambers, what is achieved is a greater distinction between these sounds with minimal distortion. As expected, we are facing very comfortable headphones with circumaural design that are padded at the same time with soft, flexible and adaptable synthetic fur to our ears and head.

Part of the ergonomics is given by a aluminum frame that yields to the adjustment we want without deforming a millimeter, which guarantees great comfort. One of the peculiarities of these HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is to be detachable, since the volume and mute control can be removed, as well as its microphone, achieving greater freedom if possible.

Premium Headphone Features at Mid-Range Price

And it is that with two 50mm neodymium magnets and a frequency response of 13 Hz until 27,000 Hz we are facing a marvel of technology that is difficult to match. Its impedance and sound pressure level already say it all: 65 Ω and 98 dBSPL. What else can you ask for? Well, they don’t weigh for example.

And it is that HyperX is in everything and thanks to the above commented we will only have on our head and ears 298 grams headphone. Although we have not said it, these helmets obtain as connection a 4-pole mini Jack and are compatible with PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S, besides of course PC.

If your eyes shine like when you see your new graphics card, but you are not decided, let us give you the push you lack, since its price makes the difference. Yesterday they cost 99.99 euros, today their price drops a spectacular 33% to stand at 66.99 euros. What do you have to think about? Nothing, you click on the top link that will take you to Amazon and buy them, when they arrive you enjoy them and tell us if you think they seem.

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