Madame X: the TV series about the character of the Justice League Dark is coming

Madame Xanadu, or Madame X if you prefer, the immortal sorceress of Justice League Dark, will have its own TV series on HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Television, in fact, he is developing a show on the character DC Comics with the collaboration of the Bad Robot of JJ Abrams.

The Madame X TV series will be produced by JJ Abrams

According to reports from Variety, the task of writing the series was entrusted to the director Angela Robinson (Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, True Blood).

If the work of the filmmaker, committed to the realization of the sript, should prove convincing and get the green light, Robinson will also be the executive producer of the show along with JJ Abrams and Ben Stephenson, with Rachel Rusch Rich in the role of co-producer. executive.

Who is Madame X?

The character of Madame Xanadu, also known as Madame X or Nimue Inwundu, it has its roots in the Arthurian myth having ties with the wizard Merlin and King Arthur himself. She is a powerful sorceress who has lived for many centuries, can foresee the future and is in possession of a collection of evil forces imprisoned in glass jars.

Madame X is one of the founders of Justice League Dark, a team of supernatural characters from the DC universe, the “magical-esoteric” counterpart of the Justice League, which deals with situations outside the scope of the main JL. They are also part of this team dedicated to interventions in the supernatural field John Constantine is Zatanna, characters also at the center of future productions linked to the DCEU.

Madame X, thanks to her powers such as precognition, teleportation, telekinesis and supernatural ability in tarot reading, is able to identify the origin of any type of occult threat hidden behind the particular situations and events that require the intervention of the Justice League Dark in the DC universe.

Considering that, as already mentioned, we will be dealing with TV series and films focused on the characters of the Justice League Dark, it will be interesting to understand which of these will debut first and if there will be more or less important links and interactions between these shows.

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