Madrid, the Spanish city preferred by fintech companies

The Madrid City Council, through its foreign investment office Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA), organized a meeting to publicize the main data obtained from its softlanding program. This is an initiative to attract talent and investment in the fintech field to the city, through its Global FinTech Antenna.

MIA and Finnovating’s softlanding program for Fintech companies has managed to attract the attention of numerous fintech companies interested in settling in Madrid. During the past year, more than 3,000 meetings have been generated with very promising results and 12 strategic agreements have been closed. In addition to the results, during the event the news of the softlanding program for fintech companies in Madrid and several companies outside Spain were explained, including Movizzon and Aura Paywho have had the opportunity to share their experience and explain why they have chosen Madrid as a destination for their internationalization.

Angeles Prieto Arroyo, General Director of Economy of the Madrid City Council, has been in charge of presenting the event. According to her, she has commented: “From the Madrid City Council we have opted for fintech as a sector with high added value to attract foreign companies dedicated to this activity. In addition, we are convinced that it is also an opportunity for these companies that are located in Madrid to be able to count on all the talent that our city has so that their businesses are a success”.

As Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating, has stated: “The Madrid fintech softlanding program is one of the best initiatives for the development and attraction of talent and investment in this thriving sector”.

Madrid, fourth world city in number of fintech companies

Spain, and specifically Madrid, is perceived by experts and companies as the best gateway to the Latin American, European and MENA (Middle East and North African) markets, since it provides immediate access to more than 1,600 million consumers in these markets for companies that are established in Madrid as fintech capital to operate.

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Currently, Spain is home to more than 700 hosted fintech, insurtech and regtech companies. Most of them are located in Madrid, which makes it the fourth city in the world after London, New York and San Francisco.

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