many users face a complete blackout

It’s panic this morning among Free users. For about 8 hours, many of them have reported a total blackout of their services. Neither WiFi nor telephony work properly. At first glance, it would seem that the Saint-Étienne region is particularly affected.

3:37 p.m. update:

The number of reports has largely decreased at the start of the afternoon, but remains much higher than the usual average. In all likelihood, Free has therefore become aware of the problem and is working on a solution. However, the operator has still not communicated on the origin of the problem, which therefore remains unknown at the present time.

On social networks and in our comments, several users also point to problems with Free’s mail server, which no longer updates, thus preventing access to its latest messages. Now that the operator is on the issue, the worries should soon disappear entirely. We will keep you informed of the progress of the situation.

Original article from May 31, 2023:

“Free we have to talk, what are these bugs in the 42 for two days? » Here’s a question many users are asking themselves this morning, posed by a Twitter follower. If the problems have been present for several days, it is this morning that the situation has really become explosive. You only have to see the reports on Down Detector to realize this. For about 7 hours, the number of complaints has skyrocketed.

If the last big failure of the operator affected the Internet connection, this time it would seem that all of its services are impacted. Indeed, on Down Detector, they are 14% to report a total blackout, concerning to “fiber and the mobile network”, according to a testimony. However, the majority of reports (61%) relate to the Internet at home.

breakdown free may 2023

Free is down, the inhabitants of Saint-Étienne in the line of fire

Several cities in France are seeing the phenomenon. According to the map provided by Down Detector, Paris, Marseille and the Lyon region are the main affected. Nevertheless, it is especially the latter which seems the most impacted, according to the testimonies, and especially the city of Saint-Étienne. On Twitter, many see disruptions in the Loire department.

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For the moment, the troublemaker of telecoms has not yet communicated on the current breakdown. It is therefore impossible to know the cause of this, or whether services will soon be restored. Unfortunately, with problems occurring for several days now, there’s no way that Free will still have trouble finding the source of the disturbances.

In the meantime, you can consult our guide on Free breakdowns, which explains step by step the steps to take in the event of problems on your Internet and mobile line.

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