Mass Effect: That’s why the movie was never made

It has been 11 years since, in 2010, fans of Mass Effect celebrated the announcement of the arrival of a movie based on the beloved space video game franchise of BioWare; with the same software house that would play a key role in the production of the film. Today, however, it seems clear that the Mass Effect movie will no longer be made, and we also know why.

That’s why the Mass Effect movie won’t be made

Shortly after the announcement of the arrival of a film, the (important) names who would work on the feature film began to circulate online. Among these was that of Avi Arad (known for co-founding Marvel Studios), who would participate in the project as a producer, with Legendary Pictures is Warner Bros. who would fund the whole deal, and several BioWare staff members who would be deeply involved in its development.

After years of total silence, however, it seems clear that the project has been shipwrecked, and a confirmation to this effect came in a new interview with Business Insider of Mac Walters, director of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 1

Walters explained that the Mass Effect movie project was abandoned by the Legendary team because, in fact, they didn’t know how to manage the huge universe behind the franchise.

“It felt like we were always fighting IP, what story are we going to tell in 90-120 minutes? Will we do him justice? “

A no small feat in fact, considering that in two hours of film it would have been complicated to tell and develop (or even just scratch) the gigantic interweaving of plots, relationships and adventures that characterize any game in the franchise.

“Since then he has never recovered, not for lack of attempts”Walters concluded in the interview.

This also means that not all hope is lost, with Legendary Pictures actually resurrecting the idea and making, one day, a film (or why not, an entire saga) set in the Mass Effect universe.

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