MCPRO (CI) Pills: Spain Cloud, CIO or CEO, Nuance

In the last year, the main technology companies have set themselves in Spain to launch cloud regions with which to be closer to their customers, thus ensuring greater control over their data and minimal latency. In these last MCPRO Pills of 2021, we begin by reviewing precisely what is to come next year, with names like AWS, Microsoft or IBM that are going to shake our technological territory.

Since wishes are sometimes also fulfilled, we will tell you how more and more companies consider their CIO as the next CEO of the company, so if you are interested in taking the leap, we will tell you what you have to take into account bill. We are also sharing with you a complete report on how business communications are in Spain, and we recommend that you do not miss the interview we have had with Albert Triola, general manager of Oracle Spain. We started!

Spain becomes a Cloud Region in 2022

Spain is of growing importance for cloud infrastructure and service providers. This is demonstrated by the announcements, which have been taking place since the end of 2019, of the opening of new areas of the main cloud providers in our country. For now, Google Cloud, IBM, Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft and Oracle have confirmed their opening.

This is the payment per use in business communications in Spain [Informe]

The way of understanding life and business is very different after the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation experienced has made companies rethink their way of interacting with suppliers, managing their processes or serving customers, in short, communicating internally and externally. A point at which we wanted to stop to find out in what situation the company communications were in Spain.

From CIO to CEO: Are you ready for the leap?

One of the most in-demand positions in many organizations is that of the CIO. There are plenty of reasons. At a time when digital transformation has become a must for many companies, the value of the CIO and its financial pay has exploded in recent years. In fact, the value of the CIO has grown so much in the last decade that not a few companies end up considering this profile as their next CEO.

Albert Triola (Managing Director Oracle Spain): “Artificial Intelligence lays the foundations for an agile digital transformation”

“We are living in an unprecedented time and our ultimate goal as a company is to help our customers manage large amounts of data efficiently. Thanks to the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, either in cloud mode or in the management of the infrastructure itself, all the value of the data can be extracted ”. This is how Albert Triola presented himself in his appointment as the new director of Oracle Spain in June 2020.

Do you know how to become a great data scientist?

In the last 20 years, the number of data that people and machines generate has multiplied by billions and, although there is technology to treat and process it, what is lacking is human talent that is capable of squeezing it to the fullest. This has motivated that the data scientist has become one of the most demanded professional profiles today by large companies.

These are the keys to the future Spanish Startup Law

The Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain has approved a bill for startups, with relevant measures to reduce red tape and eliminate obstacles to investment and financing of this type of company in Spain. In addition, the package of measures also includes reforms in the stock options system and access to visas, in order to make the country more attractive for entrepreneurs and to attract talent.

UK investigates Microsoft’s purchase of Nuance

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will investigate Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance. The transaction was announced in April 2021, is valued at $ 19.7 billion in cash and is still pending approval by various regulators.

Service Mesh is the New Black

Those of us who live immersed in the world of technology are used to the continuous wave of new terms and technologies, which in many cases are just noise and marketing. Fortunately, every once in a while the surf throws up some treasure. In this case, the Service Mesh has left us on the shore.

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