MCPRO Pills (CXLVI): Data Lakes, Journey to the Cloud, Cegid

Get the most out of business data and make the best business decisions. This is one of the main objectives of what are known as data lakes, platforms that are normally deployed in the cloud and that break down company silos to offer a unified and intelligent view of all the information available.

About this technology and the main proposals that you can find on the market, we talk to you in what are the latest MCPRO Pills until next September, when we promise to return with force. We also tell you that eight good practices are interesting for the maintenance of any data center and we recommend a video course that will improve your approach to the world of the cloud. Let’s start!

Data Lakes: almost everything you need to know and seven alternatives for your company

A data lake (also known as a Data Lake), provides companies with ample space in which to store a large part of their organization’s data, whether or not it is structured, in a way that makes it much easier for companies to understand with what information counts and what value they can extract from it to make informed business decisions.

8 Best Practices to Optimize Data Center Operations This Year

Optimizing data center operations is vital, but doubts and questions always arise about where to start. Why is it so important to optimize these data center operations? Well, because it is necessary to have a good structure and, for this, the foundations that are being built must be solid from the beginning. Therefore, we are going to see up to 8 practices that should always be carried out in our data center.

Your journey to the cloud starts here

In “Your journey to the cloud starts here”, a complete course made up of four videos, in which Matías Sosa, OVHcloud Product Marketing Manager for Southern Europe, guides us in the best way to manage our ICT infrastructure and migration of our uploads to the cloud, based on our current and future needs.

In this video course, the OVHcloud expert tells us in four practical lessons what are the advantages of moving your virtualized workloads to the cloud, how you can do it with VMware and why OVHCloud Hosted Private Cloud is the best infrastructure to do it.

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, a graphics card that blurs the fine line between work and leisure

The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti remains, right now, the most powerful general consumer graphics card out there, and it’s also one of the most advanced NVIDIA has ever designed, as it’s built on Samsung’s 8nm node, has a whopping 28.3 billion transistors, features specialized ray tracing and artificial intelligence cores, and comes with 24GB of 21GHz GDDR6X memory.

Robotic process automation is not enough: the time has come for intelligent automation

In recent years, robotic process automation (RPA) has become a valuable tool for any organization; 94% of companies have implemented it or plan to do so in the coming years. Reasons for the growing popularity of RPA are not lacking: companies have the opportunity to automate repetitive processes that used to be executed manually.

A business software giant is born with the merger of Cegid and Grupo Primavera

Cegid, in Spain Cegid Meta4, and Grupo Primavera reach an agreement through the exchange of shares to create a powerful provider of business management software in Iberia. Also helping the international expansion of Cegid and increasing the joint value of both companies by approximately 6,800 million euros.

Meta records revenue losses for the first time

Mark Zuckerberg will surely have checked the dislike option to the latest known economic data from Meta. The company, formerly known as Facebook, has posted a loss in revenue for the first time in a quarter since it went public in 2007. The figure is not worrying, it is about 1%, but the amount is: just over 29 million dollars compared to the second quarter of 2021.

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