MCPRO pills (CXLXVII): Albert Triola, Cloud Tales, Lluís Altés

MCPRO Pills are back in December. They do it in the first place with a selection of three of the best interviews that we have published in recent weeks, that is to say with: Albert Triola (Country Leader of Oracle in Spain), Lluís Altes (Senior Business Solutions Strategist
of VMware) and Joaquín Ferrer (Industry Leader, EMEA Public Sector of Appian).

Also with a selection of practical articles that range from how your company can equip itself with all the resources it needs when starting or expanding the use of the cloud, to understanding the difference between infrastructure as a service and platform as a service or beyond. still, those between analysis and data modeling. Let’s start!

Analysis Data analysis and data modeling: what are they and how are they different?

Working with data involves carrying out various activities. Often, however, they are confused. This is what happens with, for example, data analysis and data modeling, which are often confused. And they cannot be more different disciplines, even though they are related.

Basically, data analysis is about the use of data and information for business decision making. For its part, data modeling deals with the architecture that makes data analysis work possible.

Albert Triola (Country Leader of Spain and Senior VP Support Renewal Sales EMEA): “The limit is not in technology, but in the ability of companies to use it”

Technology, the cloud and Artificial Intelligence, among others, are technologies that can help companies quickly address changes and overcome crisis stages. But sometimes there is reluctance to move forward and modernize systems in companies. This happens, for example, in the case of public cloud, whose adoption is progressing at a slower level than expected.

We have talked about this and other topics, such as Oracle Alloy or Oracle’s future sovereign cloud in Europe, with Albert Triola, Country Leader of Spain and Senior Vice President Support Renewal Sales EMEA of Oracle.

Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service: which one to choose?

Within the “as a service” world, perhaps the best known option is Software as a Service (SaaS). But there are two other formats, as much or more appreciated than this in all kinds of business environments: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The bad thing is that on many occasions it is unknown what each of these two modalities offers and implies. Below we will reveal all its secrets, so that you have no doubts about which one your company needs when starting or expanding the use of the cloud.

Journey to Cloud Tales (III): Cumulus, how are clouds created?

In previous chapters we explained how to undertake a journey to the cloud and the main lines that allow us an efficient approach with guarantees of success. Now it’s time to start landing some of the challenges posed. The first refers to the identification of the waves or groups of applications and servers to modernize and move together.

For this, I would like to introduce the concept of Cumulus from the meteorological point of view. A Cumulus is obviously a type of cloud that forms alone, in rows or in groups, with vertical or horizontal development and clearly defined edges. But what does a container sound like?

Lluís Altés (Senior Business Solutions Strategist VMware): “In Europe we have to be smarter to protect what we create”

These are exciting times to work at VMware. The company is experiencing some “turbulence” since Broadcom decided to invest almost 60,000 million euros in taking control of the company. And in the past VMware Explore, the firm’s first major event for almost three years, its future as a multinational software division was one of the most commented “topics”.

Within the framework of the event we had the opportunity to chat with Lluis Altes, Senior Business Solutions Strategist at VMware for two years who, without wanting to depart from the statements that have been made so far in this regard, tells us that “the acquisition is an opportunity , because all change generates opportunity” and that in any case, the prospects for the company for 2023 is that at least it will continue to grow. But in addition, we have been able to talk about many other things.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Business, review: elegance and productivity

Samsung continues in the field of laptops, applying all its knowledge in mobility to ensure that professionals have a versatile, comfortable and autonomous laptop.

The Galaxy Book2 Business is its latest laptop built on the vPro platform that has advanced security and productivity features that aims for companies to have hybrid workers, who can work on equal terms both in the office and in the company, for at least as far as the computer is concerned.

Joaquín Ferrer (Industry Leader, EMEA Public Sector at Appian): “We like to solve complex challenges”

That low-code is more than just a trend, we see it not only because more and more companies are betting on these technologies to speed up the development of applications, but also because public administrations have discovered on platforms such as Appian, a Essential ally to streamline all kinds of bureaucratic processes such as benefits management, citizen service, development of internal processes, etc.

Precisely, about how public entities are managing to do more with less and above all, in record time, we have had the opportunity to chat with Joaquín Ferrer, Industry Leader, EMEA Public Sector Appian Iberia. Our meeting took place within the framework of Appian Europe 2022, in which the company showed the world its new Data Fabric capabilities. This is what he has told us.

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