Sepiia opens its first physical store in Madrid

The sustainable fashion firm Sepiia already has its first physical store located in the center of Madrid, a brand space where customers can enjoy an innovative experience and see in person the textile technology that makes this firm unique.

After succeeding online since its inception in 2016, the smart clothing brand that neither stains nor wrinkles, Cuttlefish, has decided to jump into the physical world with the opening of its first physical store in Madrid.

Located at number 102 of Hortaleza street, in the heart of the capital, this first monobrand space de Sepiia is another step in its success story and, as Federico Sainz de Robles, founder of the firm, explains, “We did not want to make another store, but to create a physical place where we could show our values, commitments and personality in a direct way”.

For this purpose, in Sepiia space Customers will not only be able to buy the innovative garments with the exclusive technological fabric that has made the brand popular thanks to its abilities to repel liquids and stains, not wrinkle, be breathable, highly resistant and adaptable to different physiognomies.

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In addition to acquiring garments, in this space visitors will also be able to test the products in the Sepiia Laboratory, a corner with everything they need so that users can see all the benefits of these garments. For this, this space has microscopes and other laboratory utensils that allow the user to experience in the first person and learn about the possibilities of this exclusive technological fabric.

For the founder of the company, it is about “Improve people’s lives, but few understand that its main functions (anti-wrinkle and anti-stain) have an almost invisible origin: we are talking about science applied to fashion”.

The Espacio Sepiia experience

Once customers have experienced and put the brand’s textile technology to the test, they can choose from the range of garments available to them, all with a timeless, functional, urban style with a young spirit, according to what the firm points out. .

With this proposal, Sepiia bets on The sustainability and, aware of the excessive consumption that exists in the fashion sector, advocates a style of its own and with environmental awareness. Therefore, the garments are made entirely with recycled materials which, in turn, can be recycled to give life to new garments.

Thus, in Espacio Sepiia you can find proposals for men and women, differentiating between models of a more formal style and a more casual one. In the case of men, they have at their disposal shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, pants and jackets; while for women there is a wide range of shirts, blouses and the popular bowling shirt.

Along with this, and how could it be otherwise, Sepiia’s best-selling garment is also available, the white shirt for men and women, an icon of the company thanks to the fact that it does not stain or wrinkle.

A whole range of possibilities that, as Paula Cristóbal, designer of the brand, highlights, are the example of her proposal with which “We are innovative and technological, but we respect the tradition of classic tailoring as a search for perfection also in shapes and patterns”.

With Espacio Sepiia, people can access a timeless style fashion, with extraordinary functions and in an experiential and experimental environment that produces the minimum environmental impact and the maximum social impact. It is a commitment to a new concept called infinite fashion that, thanks to the use of monomaterials, allows garments to be recycled continuously.

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