MCPRO Pills (XCIV): Digital Transformation Guide, Supercomputing, Apple M1 Pro

“Digital Transformation”. Surely you have tired of hearing over and over again an expression that either does not mean anything, or it can change your companies forever. Because the important thing about this transformation is not so much undertaking it, but understanding from the first moment why we want to transform ourselves. In other words: if we do not know what we want to become, it is better not to try. Guides such as the second edition of our book «Digital Transformation in Spain» are a first step. The next one is yours.

This is how we begin our review of what has been the most outstanding content of the last week. A week that on the other hand, has led us to interview Adriano Galo, one of the great experts in supercomputing at HPE and who has told us what role these super computers have played in recent years and what is expected of them in the future righ now.

We have also told you how Apple continues to distance itself from its competition with the presentation of its new processors: M1 Pro and M1 Max. And do not miss the analysis we do of the new Jabra, headphones to fully enjoy music and not miss details in meetings and video conferences at work. We started!

Digital Transformation in Spain: the best success stories of 2021

20 of the best digital transformation processes of 2021. This and much more is what we present to you in the second edition of our guide “Digital Transformation in Spain: the best success stories of 2021”.

After a first edition in which we have reflected how companies have been forced to accelerate their digitization processes to ensure their business continuity processes, in this second we see how companies have invested more resources in establishing and maturing them, orienting them to improving your competitiveness.

“Supercomputing will be essential in the recovery of Europe”

Supercomputing is behind the enormous speed with which COVID-19 vaccines have been developed as well as in the simulation of ‘digital twins’ to accelerate the development of new products and, recently, to train AI models at high speed. We had the opportunity to chat with Adriano Galano, AI & HPC Sales Specialist Southern Europe from HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) about the possibilities and challenges of supercomputing at the present time.

Jabra Elite Pro 7 review: more quality for your calls

As you may recall, a few weeks ago we reviewed the Jabra Elite 85T., Great headphones that had impressed us with their noise cancellation technology and their behavior during calls. Today comes the turn instead, to give a review of what are undoubtedly its just successors: Jabra Elite Pro 7.

Facebook is planning to change the company name

On Facebook they are planning to change the name of the company, in order to reflect the interest they now have in the development of their virtual metatarsus. It is not yet clear when this modification will be confirmed, nor the name that the company will have in the future, although everything indicates that we could know the new name before the end of October.

HPE GreenLake: the cloud that adapts to you

The cloud has made data storage agile, scalable, and profitable. Resources are available on demand, allowing developers to shorten application lifecycles and business users to speed up database or transaction processing. However, usually for reasons such as security, governance or compliance, companies continue to have large volumes of data that they store in a local environment. The best of both worlds is found at HPE GreenLake.

ARM increases its offer of products and services in the Internet of Things, 5G and virtual hardware

The ARM company, which is dedicated to the design and development of chips that other manufacturers with authorization and license use as a basis later to develop their chips, has announced several novelties that expand its offer of products and services in the fields of Internet of Things, virtual hardware and 5G. Among these innovations is Total Solutions for IoT, which offers a complete solution to accelerate the development and ROI of chips for the Internet of Things through a unique approach to design for IoT.

Apple Introduces Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs: A Great Generational Leap

We knew that Apple was going to present a new chip, but in the end the apple company has exceeded our expectations with the Apple M1 Pro and Apple M1 Max SoCs, two silicones that maintain the ARM architecture at the CPU level and that, of course, they raise the bar against the previous generation, and in every way, as we will see next. Both will be used in Apple’s new MacBook Pros.

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