The Bridge closes a financing round of five million euros

The talent training and digital skills company recently announced a round of financing for a total of 5 million euros, led by Atitlan, a business group focused on the creation and consolidation of long-term value. Is about one of the largest financing of the sector in our country to date, and the first investment of the group in the educational segment.

The Bridge began its activity in November 2019, offering training programs in intensive format in the areas of cybersecurity, data science, software development and UX/UI design at its own campus in Madrid. Just three years later, he has graduated more than a thousand people who present an employability as digital professionals of 95%.

The scope of its activity has also expanded strongly after adding programs in Cloud, Devops and Digital Marketing to its portfolio, opening offices in Valencia, Seville and soon in Bilbao, and developing training collaborations with companies and institutions in the corporate and educational fields. such as Indra, Bupa, Thales, Incibe, Fundación Universia, IESE Business School, CEU Cardenal Herrera, Cámara Sevilla, Fundación Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, among others.

As it explains Iker Arcefounder and CEO of The Bridge, “In our short history we have graduated more than a thousand people, launched six training curricula, opened three offices and launched scholarships and social impact programs worth 1.5 million euros. And we have created a team with unique skills and passion to support our students on their path to improvement and achievement. It is time to take the project to a new phase in which we are going to multiply our impact and be the agent that contributes to the digitization of talent on a much larger scale”.

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The digital transformation of the economy has accelerated after the recent Covid-19 crisis, making the need for a workforce equipped with digital skills essential. It is estimated that 400,000 new jobs will be created in Spain in the digital field over the next four years, while the traditional education system barely 16,000 people with digital training graduate every year. At that rate, it would take 15 years to train the number of professionals that will be needed over the next four.

The Bridge has positioned itself as an agent capable of closing the gap between demand and supply of digital skills in the labor market. In addition to having its own training programs, it helps universities, business schools and companies to form the competency profiles of their own students and employees.

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